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The Phoxy Club is for all children born to PSV. Our mission is to make the club feeling of every PSV fan come to fruition. From the youngest to our oldest member and everyone in between. Only then will every member grow into a great PSV supporter.

Free member until start of new season
A full membership of the PSV FANclub costs €25 per season and runs from July 1 to June 30. So take advantage of the end-of-season rate now and become a free member until the start of the new season. You will then pay €25 for a membership until June 30.

Members up to 4 years old receive a welcome gift and are sent a matching gift from Phoxy every three months. From 4 years old onwards, members receive a season and birthday gift in addition to the welcome gift, and are sent home with the Phoxy Magazine every quarter. All members have access to exclusive PSV events, 10% discount in the PSV FANstore and priority on match tickets. Click here for more information on the contents of the memberships.

Please fill out the form below to sign up a new member and enjoy all the benefits that come with membership together. Want to give membership for a season as a gift? Then stop by the PSV FANstore or order a gift card online.

Data of the new member
Invitations to activities and contests are sent to this e-mail address. Members may also be notified by email about a prize won. If the new member does not have their own e-mail address, please enter the e-mail address of a parent or guardian here.
Members may be invited by phone to an activity or informed of a prize won. Enter a parent or caregiver's phone number here.

Free membership until start of new season
A membership costs €25 per season. Become a member of the FANclub now? Then you make use of the end-of-season action and your membership runs until June 30, 2025. So you will be a free member until the start of the new season!


Do you already know that you want to automatically renew your membership?

After payment, your application will be processed as soon as possible. Within a few business days you will receive the membership number that will allow you to enjoy the benefits of membership. The welcome package will be sent within ten business days.

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