Apply for a PSV Club Card for free!

Apply for a PSV Club Card for free!

With a PSV Club Card you always have the possibility to buy tickets for PSV matches. Of course based on availability. A PSV Club Card is free of charge.

Exclusive Club Card application via iDIN
To apply for a PSV Club Card directly online, you must first have an account verified via iDIN. iDIN is available to anyone with online and mobile banking. If you already have a number, after logging in you can see in your details if your account is already verified via iDIN.

If not, you can start verification. More explanation about the verification via iDIN can be found here. If the account is verified, then you can apply for the PSV Club Card.
For people who cannot use the iDIN check, it is temporarily not possible to apply for a PSV Club Card.

Order PSV Club Card

Why a PSV Club Card?
For many of PSV's home matches you need a PSV Club Card to buy tickets. Sales conditions then apply in which the number of tickets per person is limited. For example, it is then possible to buy two tickets per Club Card. With the PSV Club Card you can go to

No physical pass
As of the 2023-2024 season, no more physical PSV Club Cards will be issued. After your application, you can find your PSV Club Card in your account.

PSV Club Card in combination with membership
If you are a member of FC PSV, Phoxy Club or the Supportersvereniging PSV you automatically have a PSV Club Card and enjoy more benefits. A Season Club Card is also a Club Card and can also be used to purchase (extra) tickets.