What is the substructure of PSV?
PSV Academy's substructure refers to the youngest youth (PSV O10 through PSV O12), formerly the PSV FUNdament. PSV's junior program starts with the O10 and continues through to the O12 at various strategic locations centered in Eindhoven. At the locations in Rosmalen, Linne, Gilze and Eindhoven children can be helped closer to home and for a longer period in realizing their dream: playing in PSV 1. During this preliminary training, the children are members of PSV and are offered a well-considered training after which a selection is made for PSV O13. From then on, the selected players train fully at PSV Campus De Herdgang and also go to school in Eindhoven.

How are the players chosen for PSV's youngest teams?
The children who may be considered for the youngest teams (PSV O10 through PSV O12) are watched by PSV's youth scouts at various times or have participated in the various scouting activities organized by PSV. These children are then invited to pre-PSV Academy activities on Sunday mornings and/or Wednesday afternoons. From there, it is determined whether a child can go on an internship with the existing teams and then eventually join PSV's youngest youth teams.

When do you qualify for PSV O10 through PSV O12?
We are looking for children for the underclassmen with an ability to excel. What does the child excel at compared to his fellow players and opponents? That could be dribbling, passing or scoring, but there are also plenty of other possibilities; any child with a unique talent and, in addition, a number of important conditions has a chance.

We are looking for players with the right character that fits within the requirements of our PSV Academy. For PSV, this includes children who naturally have fun while playing football, but the following criteria are also a part of this: imperturbable, discipline, doing everything possible, ownership and having adaptability.

In the youngest PSV teams we work with a development book, the child has control over his own development (ownership) with the help of mentors and specialists. On the one hand, through the development book we get to know the child, because we believe that good relationship between mentor and players leads to better development and performance. On the other hand, excellence and individual focal points are described and incorporated into a plan to develop this. Thereby, players receive feedback and help in reflecting in different ways.

By "adaptability" we mean that children can perform in any situation with the help of individuality in character and excellence. We constantly challenge the individual in changing circumstances. Differentiation is applied in age, trainers, fellow players, opponents, resistance, formats, etc.

In addition, important traits for a professional football player are speed, coordination and explosiveness. We periodically test our players using expertise and professional equipment from the Performance Staff.

What happens after three years?
The goal of the undergraduate teams is to get the most out of each player. Each player has his unique plan with individual route to his personal top. The youth players who do not qualify for PSV O13 after three years will join another BVO (professional football organization) or possibly an amateur club. PSV also coaches these players for a suitable route after their time in PSV's youngest youth teams.


Each youth team has its own trainer. They are the first point of contact. For urgent questions you can always contact one of the coordinators of the junior youth. The General Coordinator as of this season 2023 - 2024 is Tim Bosman, reachable at

Each youth team has its own trainer. They are the first point of contact