Medical & Education


PSV has had an affiliation with St. Anna Hospital as its sports medical partner for several decades. The medical sports health center TopSupport, part of the St. Anna Care Group, coordinates the sports medical supervision of all PSV teams including the youth training. This includes injury prevention, medical treatments and player examinations.

Medical staff
A permanent medical staff is present at De Herdgang during training and match days to provide youth players with proper care. In case of an injury, a player should always inform the physiotherapist or caregiver. Injuries are usually treated by the in-house medical staff in consultation with TopSupport. Club doctor Tom Wiggers is the head of the medical staff for youth training. Physical therapist Ferd van Odenhoven, as medical staff coordinator, is the first point of contact for youth players. Physiotherapists Toine Leijnse (Young PSV), Leon Peters (PSV O18) are present on a regular basis and also attached to a team. The medical staff is supported on match days by medical volunteers.


For youth players, engaging in top-level sports requires a lot of time in training, matches and travel. However, PSV believes it is important for youth players to invest in studies alongside their football and to be well prepared for a successful social career. The combination of top sports and education requires adjustments. The youth academy therefore has an intensive collaboration with Scholengroep Het Plein, which allows the youth players to develop optimally in the field of education also off the field.

There is almost daily contact between PSV and the schools Sint Joriscollege, Vakcollege and Antoon Schellens College, in which an important role is played by the study coordinator Hanneke Paauw. Hanneke is the contact person for parents and schools of the youth players and can be reached at

It is a fact that players are getting ready for the first team at an increasingly younger age, which means that the pressure in training is increasing. Through good cooperation and joint innovation, we ensure that our youth players are ready for society and the first team. In season 2021 - 2022, as many as 100% of our exam candidates obtained their diplomas.