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Plan Philips Stadium

Map of Philips Stadium

Smoke-free Philips Stadium
The Philips Stadium is completely smoke-free.

Available seats
The Philips Stadium has a seating capacity of 35,000. Of the approximately 30,000 available grandstand seats for PSV supporters, most are sold out with Season Club Cards. For this reason, Eredivisie matches are largely sold out. Due to the possibility of resale for Season Club Card holders, the supply of available tickets varies continuously.

Family Corner (UU section)
The Family Corner is a stand especially for children up to 14 years old, where parents/guardians can also take a seat. If you like to visit PSV matches with your family, this grandstand is perfect.
Section UU is almost sold out with Season Club Cards, all seats that remain for single sale are seats with limited visibility.

Jongerenrang (Box ZZ)
The Jongerenrang is a tribune especially for young people up to 17 years old. Adults cannot purchase a PSV Season Club Card for this grandstand. If there are still enough seats available on this grandstand during a match, part of this section will be sold as ordinary grandstand seats, including for adults.

Flexible visitors' section (section MM)
PSV has a flexible visitors' section (section MM) consisting of two separate, screened sections of 800 seats each. Depending on the number of traveling supporters of the visiting club, one of the two sections is available for PSV supporters. This PSV section is then an unnumbered seating area and is shielded from the visiting club. The price is equal to the price for stands East and West. Per match it will be determined whether box MM is available for PSV supporters, or whether the visiting club uses both parts of the box. If section MM is used for PSV supporters, only 600 seats will be sold because visibility is not optimal on all seats.

Atmosphere sections
In order to create as much atmosphere as possible in the stadium, PSV has had atmospheric compartments for several seasons now. Boxes U to Y in the first ring of the east stand have been appointed as atmosphere boxes. The boxes are sold unnumbered, which means that you do not have a fixed seat. In addition, you are allowed to stand in front of your seat during the match. Standing on the stairways is not allowed.

Limited view seats
There are (for league games) a number of limited-view seats in the stadium. The following seats have limited visibility:

Box Drive Chair(s)
GG 27 to 41 90 to 110
42 88 and 89
JJ 24 to 34 1 to 6
KK 24 to 34 20 to 28
UU 24 to 27 1 to 10
27 to 44 83 to 104
30 to 44 1 to 35
WW 24 to 34 1 to 6
XX 24 to 34 20 to 28
ZZ 30 to 42 1 to 23

Via, the best seats per row are automatically sold first if you choose the 'best available' option. Limited view seats have the color yellow on