Press Affairs

Press contacts
For PSV, good press contacts and a professional working relationship with the media are of great value, where the club will always strive for a pleasant cooperation. The Press Department is responsible for all contacts with press representatives and all PSV's internal and external communications.

First point of contact is Sanne Clements, Manager Press Affairs of PSV and responsible for all press contacts regarding the PSV selection and other teams, as well as other media contacts of the organization and the Supervisory Board. The secretariat is managed by Suzanne Bertens. Together they meet as much as possible the great need from the press to carry out their work at PSV to their satisfaction. PSV is at all times open to tips and suggestions regarding press facilities and cooperation.

Interview requests
All interview requests for players of the PSV squad, Young PSV, PSV Women, technical, coaching and medical staff, board of directors, club management and employees of PSV, can be requested via email, with further explanation of your request. This also applies to requests for the players of the PSV Youth Academy and all its trainers and supervisors at PSV Campus De Herdgang. All accreditation requests for home matches of PSV and Young PSV can be requested through the NSP, for questions about accreditation and or exceptions please email

Press Meetings
Press meetings (outside of matches) are held when the club deems it necessary to openly disclose important information to all media representatives at the same time. Through a press release or press invitation to our press database, these press conferences are announced in advance. PSV also organizes a so-called 'press conference' on the last working day prior to each match. Here, the head coach or one of his assistants and the media have the opportunity to exchange views on the latest developments within and around the PSV squad. This press moment is open to both written press and audiovisual media. These meetings are held at PSV Campus De Herdgang. For all European matches, this press meeting, after the final training session, takes place at Philips Stadium. For up-to-date info, please contact the secretariat.