The Philips Stadium is here for everyone. For old and young, visually impaired, in a wheelchair or with a temporary disability. We have done our utmost in recent years to make the stadium as accessible as possible for everyone.

Elevators / elevator pass
The Philips Stadium has several elevators that make the stadium passable for people with mobility impairments. The elevators go to the highest level and are located on all four sides of the stadium. To use an elevator on a match day, you need an elevator pass. Information for this is available from PSV Ticket Sales.

Special places during matches
For wheelchair-bound supporters plus their companion(s), seats are available in the lower rows of the South Stand and West Stand at PSV's home matches. Tickets for these seats are available exclusively through PSV Ticket Sales.

Blind grandstand
PSV has set up a special blind grandstand for the blind and visually impaired. On the main stand (South) in section F a number of seats are available for this purpose. People receive headphones from Philips on which the entire match can be followed by the commentary of two specially appointed commentators. Fans at the blind grandstand are very pleased with this facility. Tickets for these seats are available exclusively through PSV Ticket Sales.

Matchday parking
The parking lots that PSV has available on match days are all given away to regular ticket holders. Unfortunately it is not possible to order a day ticket for this. We advise you to use one of the public car parks near the stadium. You can reserve a parking space in advance at our parking partner ParkingYou. Please note, the neighborhoods around the stadium have been subject to paid parking since 2018.

For visitors who have difficulty walking, it is possible to get off at entrance 8 (Frederiklaan), after which the car can be parked somewhere.

What can I bring?
Bringing some items is not allowed for security reasons. You may be inspected at the entrance by security personnel. They will check whether you are in possession of prohibited or unwanted goods. Bringing large bags, backpacks and valuables such as laptops is not allowed. These will be refused at the entrance, but the possibilities for storing them are limited.

The most common and unauthorized goods are listed on a pictogram chart. Security personnel, in consultation with stadium management or otherwise, may decide to take goods not listed anyway. Upon delivery of the receipt, these will be returned after the game or event.

Can I bring a guide or assistance dog?
Bringing a guide dog into a full stadium involves additional risk. There are no facilities for this in the stadium. Therefore, if you are dependent on an assistance or guide dog, entry is not possible. This has been decided partly on the advice of and after consultation with KNGF. If you still want to visit a match or event, please contact us to look for an alternative to visiting the stadium.

Guus Meeuwis concerts
Do you want to go to a Guus Meeuwis concert or other event and are you wheelchair bound? Then order your tickets from the event organizer and clearly mention that you are in a wheelchair. Access to the stadium in a wheelchair is reserved only for seats designated and equipped for this purpose. Access in a wheelchair with a regular ticket for field or grandstand seats is not permitted.