Press accreditations

Any media representative wishing to attend a PSV match at Philips Stadium must hold a PSV accreditation. This PSV accreditation must be requested no later than two working days prior to the match via an e-mail to the secretariat. The accreditation request should include the following information:

  • Names and positions of all media representatives to be accredited

  • Registration number with NSP or the international AIPS

  • Phone number at which the applicant can be reached directly

  • Explanation/reason for the request

For European matches, accreditation must be obtained through the NSP. PSV will ultimately determine the allocation of accreditation. Those holding a PSV Season Club Card for the press stand should also apply for accreditation for European matches.

A photographer should report to the press entrance at entrance 9 after accreditation. Here a press pass and a so-called photobib will be ready for the photographer. This vest is to be worn in the stadium. After the match, the photobib should be handed in at the Press Center. During the match, photographers are allowed to go outside the field of play, behind the goals or near the 16-meter line, on the side where the linesman is not. The benches behind the goals are also for photographers. Just before the start of the match there will be an opportunity to take photographs outside the lines near the dugout. It is strictly forbidden to enter the playing field. PSV reserves the right to implement personal sanctions.