If you have agreed on a price with a certificate provider or applicant, the certificate still needs to be transferred. This can be done using the transfer form below, which you can download here.

    Please send or hand in the form by registered mail to:
    PSV Ticket Sales
    Frederiklaan 10a (Philips Stadium, entrance 11)
    5616 NH Eindhoven

    Be sure to include the following documents:
    the original certificates
    copy of buyer's identification
    copy extract of the Chamber of Commerce if tickets are issued in company name

    Upon receipt of the above, the buyer will receive a confirmation for the purpose of payment of the Season Club Card(s). The cost for transferring the certificates is € 50.00 per transaction. These costs are also listed on the confirmation of the Season Club Card(s). At a later date the purchaser will receive by registered mail the new registered certificates.