PSV Uitkaart

PSV Uitkaart

Do you want to visit a PSV away game? Then you need a PSV Uitkaart! A PSV Uitkaart is not a separate pass, but a registration on your PSV (Season/Supporters/Phoxy/FC PSV) Club Card. So you need to be in possession of a Club Card in your own name.

Check your profile
Are you unsure if you already have a PSV Uitkaart? If you have a picture in your profile, you already have a PSV Uitkaart registered.

Change as of Nov. 1, 2022
The regulation for visiting European away matches and cup matches has been changed. As of November 1, the PSV Uitkaart is also mandatory for these away matches.

Apply online

The processing time for a PSV Uitkaart is approximately 5 business days.
You will receive a message as soon as your application has been processed. Please wait for this message.

How does the PSV Uitkaart work?
Ticket sales for away matches are To book the tickets online you need to have your own PSV Club Card registered as PSV Uitkaart at hand (this PSV Club Card needs to be in your name). It is also possible to book tickets for other PSV Club Card holders with a PSV Uitkaart if you have their PSV Club Card number, surname and postal code. Different conditions apply per away match to exchange your tickets. There can be a priority arrangement per away match based on the number of loyalty points. This information can be found per match on