PSV Uitkaart


Do you want to visit a PSV away game soon? Then use the form below to register your PSV (Season/Supporters) Club Card as a PSV Uitkaart!

Change as of Nov. 1, 2022
The regulation for visiting European away matches and cup matches has been changed. As of November 1, the PSV Uitkaart is also mandatory for these away matches.

Please add a copy of your ID and a photo that meets the requirements below.


  • Recent (max. 6 months old), clear and good likeness
  • Eyes clearly visible, if wearing glasses, then glasses without reflections
  • Taken straight from the front, from shoulder height and against a light, even background
  • Head should be uncovered
  • It should not be a passport photo

Quality requirements

  • File type JPG, PNG or BMP
  • The width-to-height ratio should be 3-4
  • No larger than 1MB

Registration PSV Uitkaart
The registration of a PSV Uitkaart is free of charge. Your picture will be added to your profile on As soon as this is processed you will receive a message from us, you will not receive a separate card.

Upload photo identification max. 5MB
Upload (passport) photo max. 5MB

Failed online?
Having your photo registered is also possible during PSV Ticket Sales' opening hours (entrance 11 Philips Stadium). PSV Ticket Sales is also open prior to a home game. Don't forget to bring your personal PSV (Season/Supporters) Club Card and a valid ID. You do not need to bring a passport photo; one will be taken of you on the spot.

A PSV Uitkaart can only be registered in your personal name. It is not possible to register a PSV Season Club Card in your company name as a PSV Uitkaart. If you don't have a PSV Club Card in your name yet, we advise you to apply for one first. Then you can apply for a PSV Uitkaart.