PSV wants to be a serious contender for the Dutch championship every year, has UEFA Champions League ambitions and strives for a top sports climate with professionalism on and around the field.

In order to achieve this objective, PSV's own youth training, especially given the European financial relations between the major football countries and the Netherlands, is enormously important. The most important objective of the PSV Youth Academy remains the development of individual talent. Obviously, a talent can only develop optimally in a professional environment at the highest level. The objective of the tightened youth policy is to deliver an average of two players annually to the PSV A-selection. The training teams are trained and coached by experienced and highly qualified youth coaches. The medical staff is also excellently equipped for its task and innovative training methods are applied. This enables PSV to optimally guide youth players towards professional football.

Another spearhead of policy at PSV is scouting. PSV scouts are active regionally, nationally as well as internationally. Through an extensive network of tipsters and excellent contacts with internationally operating football brokers, PSV has a good basis to discover talents. The fact that young talented players at PSV get a chance to present themselves at the European level is an advantage for choosing PSV. A modern, customer-friendly accommodation and many contemporary facilities successfully strive for strong ties with their own club supporters and other match spectators. PSV strengthens its external image through commercial partnerships with companies and institutions of national and international stature, supported by its own cross-media platform.