PSV Sounding Board

Supporters like to have their opinions heard at PSV on topics of common interest. Think of the atmosphere in the stadium, policy around away games, ticket sales and catering. Both the supporters and the club have expressed a desire for more cooperation. That cooperation takes place within PSV Klankbord.

Working together as supporters of PSV
PSV Klankbord tries to represent as many different PSV supporters as possible. Only then can Klankbord make a positive contribution to issues of interest to all PSV supporters. Meetings are held with representatives of the club, the two official supporters' associations, various supporters' groups and individual supporters with season tickets in the North, East, South and West stands. Supporters do this on a voluntary basis.

Commitment from PSV
Achieving results together is what counts. That is why it is important that PSV director Toon Gerbrands expressed his commitment on behalf of PSV in January 2017. PSV listens to what supporters discuss within PSV Klankbord and will also submit certain issues themselves. A representation of PSV is present at every meeting and several times a year the management will also join in.

Are you a PSV supporter with ideas or want to get involved in the interests of supporters? Then contact the PSV Sounding Board.