About us

About us

About the PSV Foundation

Our belief: unity makes power
Philips united city and country and left the light burning. For everyone. Because here no one needs to be in the shadows. Here we leave no one to their fate. We set the lines in the lives of young people. Make room for everyone's potential. Together with our partners, we have an eye for problems and opportunities of young people. For their concerns and happiness. We give each other energy, pride and perspective. For better or for worse. We are convinced that we can help young people move forward. Make them better. Stronger together. As one family. As one team. With the power of unity. Because unity makes power.

Our promise: dare to be
Growing in your life doesn't happen by itself. Shaping your future requires guts. To make clear choices and step outside your comfort zone. To join our movement. The courage to ask for help. To trust that your answer lies in our powerful collective. Make yourself vulnerable and confront yourself. With us. Because we challenge you. We believe in your potential. In your courage to make a world of difference for yourself. To become the best version of yourself. Dare to take the step of a lifetime.

Role Description
For 110 years at PSV, we've been doing things together: Unity makes power! We dare to explore, try and learn. That, combined with the conviction that everyone matters, is worth its weight in gold. With that power, we give each other energy, pride and perspective. In an environment where we care about others, PSV Foundation finds its new role. We are there for young people who could use an extra boost. With the knowledge, connecting power and resources of PSV and its partners, we make a strong fist to bring young people a step further. We help them on their way to their best version. In our beautiful city. The result? Endless opportunities. Stronger together. Moving forward together.

Our mission:
PSV Foundation offers as many young people in Eindhoven as possible the opportunity to develop and participate fully in society.

Our vision:
Using the PSV brand and its network, we increase self-awareness, the personal network, intrinsic motivation and social - and work-related skills of young people.