Club love doesn't just happen. And as a supporter you want nothing more than to convey your preference to your son or daughter. But how do you experience PSV together, if the little one does not yet understand the game? The Phoxy Club brings PSV to family life. Through fun gifts, emails and events, Phoxy introduces children to football and PSV through play.


  • A welcome package, with personalized Club Card, the PSV Adventure Bundle and a cool welcome gift;
  • Four times per season a fun and useful gift from Phoxy as well as a milestone card for the PSV Adventure Bundle;
  • Each season an invitation to a unique event with peers;
  • Every season an invitation to a Phoxy Day Out;
  • Priority purchase of tickets for home games;
  • 10% discount on purchases in the PSV FANstore;
  • 10% discount on admission to the PSV Museum and/or a PSV Stadium tour;
  • Regular emails from Phoxy with fun contests;
  • Parents may also take advantage of the above benefits, of course.

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Curious about the events? Then click here for an impression.

Would you like to take advantage of these benefits together with a psv U21 fan? Then sign him or her up for the Phoxy Club! A membership runs from July 1 to June 30 (a seasonal year). You can join at any time.