Do you have questions for or about the PSV FANclub, the Phoxy Club or FC PSV? We can be reached in the following ways:

FANportal - frequently asked questions
Take a look at the Q&A of the FANportal. Here you will find the most common questions and answers about, for example, the Phoxy Club and FC PSV. Ask a question directly if you can't find the answer.

Contact us via the chat on the FANportal. Our chatbot can answer many questions by itself. Are you unable to find an answer? Then the chatbot calls in the help of one of our colleagues from the PSV FANdesk. This way we know for sure that you will be helped!

You can also send a Whatsapp message to 040-2505505. We are available Monday through Friday from 09:00 to 17:00. Do you send a message via WhatsApp outside opening hours? We will respond as soon as we are available again.

Prefer to send an e-mail? Ask your question via You will receive a response from us as soon as possible.