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Members of the PSV FANclub receive a quarterly magazine with stories, facts and puzzles about Phoxy, the players and PSV. An appropriate magazine is made for each target group.

About the magazines
The PSV FANclub publishes three magazines. The Phoxy Magazine is for children aged four to six. Children between the ages of seven and eleven receive the FC PSV O12 Magazine. For members aged twelve to sixteen is the FC PSV O16 Magazine.

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About the magazines
With the magazines, PSV involves children of all ages in the club. The Phoxy Magazine is for children aged four to six. Together with Phoxy they learn about football and PSV in a playful way. The FC PSV Magazine has two variants. The FC PSV O12 Magazine is for children aged seven to eleven and contains stories by and about the players as well as a number of puzzle pages. Young supporters aged twelve and up read all about the club and the players in the FC PSV O16 Magazine.