General terms and conditions PSV FAN club memberships

Article 1 - Applicability.

  1. These general terms and conditions (filed with the North Brabant Chamber of Commerce under number 17104199 and available at apply to the agreements between the consumer and PSV N.V. (hereinafter: "PSV") regarding membership in the PSV FAN Club:
     Phoxy Club( for members aged 0 to 6 years;
     FC PSV( for members aged 7 to 16;
  2. The standard terms and conditions of the KNVB (filed under number 181-2002), the conditions of issue of (Season) Club Card and the Internal Regulations Philips Stadium are also applicable. These conditions can be consulted via
  3. In the event of contradictions between the conditions of the KNVB, the conditions of provision of (Season) Club Card or the Internal Regulations Philips Stadium on the one hand and these general conditions on the other, these general conditions shall prevail.
  4. "Consumer" in these general conditions means the person who has entered into an agreement with PSV regarding membership in the PSV FAN Club.
  5. In these general terms and conditions, "member" means the person registered by the consumer with PSV for one of the memberships mentioned above.
  6. A member requires the consent of one of their parents/guardians at all times before entering into an agreement with PSV.

Article 2 - Formation of agreements

  1. An agreement between PSV and the consumer regarding the
    membership PSV FANclub (Phoxy Club or FC PSV) is established by the member registering through PSV's websites, completing and sending or submitting a registration form.

Article 3 - Membership content.

  1. Membership is personal and cannot be transferred to anyone else.
  2. Upon registering for membership, the member will receive a welcome pack. PSV has the right to change the item(s) in the welcome pack at any time.
  3. The member will receive a Club Card, a hard card issued by PSV that provides a right to purchase tickets for admission to PSV's matches. Possession of a Club Card does not guarantee the member's entitlement to a ticket for PSV's matches.
  4. The member (excluding a member aged 0 to 3) receives a magazine, in print or digital form (including access to a mobile application).
  5. The member receives invitations to and chances to participate in activities.
  6. The member will have a chance to win prizes.
  7. The member receives priority in the sale of certain PSV products or services.
  8. The member receives discounts on certain products and services of PSV or partners of the club or accumulates credit by purchasing certain products and services of PSV or partners of the club.
  9. Current membership benefits are listed on the websites as mentioned in Article 1 of these Terms and Conditions.

Article 4 - Membership fee

  1. The consumer owes PSV the following amounts per season per form of membership:
     Phoxy Club: €25.00 per season;
     FC PSV: €25.00 per season;
  2. For a membership concluded between July and January of a seasonal year, a consumer pays 100% of the amount due. For a membership concluded between January and July, a 50% fee is charged.
  3. PSV reserves the right to run promotions or discounts at any time.
  4. All aforementioned amounts are inclusive of VAT, stated in Euros and must be paid the month after registration by the consumer.
  5. PSV reserves the right to increase the annual membership fee. PSV will notify the consumer of the new amount no later than one month prior to any such increase.
  6. The membership fee may also be changed on an interim basis in connection with changes in taxes (such as VAT) and levies that PSV is required or authorized to charge by law or regulation. PSV may make such change with immediate effect from the entry into force of such law or regulation.

Article 5 - Duration and termination of agreement

  1. Sign up for a membership at any time. It runs through June 30 of the respective season. If a direct debit authorization has been given, the membership will be renewed automatically at the end of the season. If no authorization is given, the member will receive an email to pay via IDEAL.
  2. The agreement may be terminated by the consumer in writing. Membership will then be discontinued as of the next expiration date (June 30). Cancellations must be submitted before May 1 via, via e-mail or by mail PSV FANclub, Postbus 886, 5600 AW Eindhoven.
  3. PSV has the right to terminate the contract with immediate effect if the membership fee cannot be collected from the consumer and the consumer does not still pay the amount within one month after being reminded to do so by PSV.
  4. PSV automatically converts Phoxy Club membership to FC PSV membership once the member falls into the relevant age category (as to be known from article 1 of these general terms and conditions).
  5. PSV reserves the right to unilaterally change or terminate the membership forms (including the name) of the Phoxy Club and/or FC PSV. In the event of a change in the membership form, the consumer has the option to terminate the agreement in accordance with what is stipulated in article 5 of these general terms and conditions.

    Article 6 - Privacy

    1. PSV processes consumers' personal data for various purposes, such as:
       Performing the agreement entered into with PSV;
       Sending club news or other information; and
       Providing marketing for PSV or its partners.
    2. For more detailed information on how PSV handles consumers' personal data, PSV refers to its privacy statement, which can be reviewed at
    3. Any person who is in or outside the Netherlands at, or participating in, a PSV Event (i.e.; an event taking place in the Philips Stadium, or on a (football) ground which in any case includes a football match, or at least an event under the auspices of PSV N.V. such as but not limited to the visit to the PSV Museum, the participation in activities of the Football School, the participation in activities of the PSV FAN Club such as a visit to an external location): a. acknowledges that the PSV Event is a public, public and commercial event; b. consents to the recording and/or use of his/her name, voice, portrait and/or image by means of audio and video display, broadcast or other form of distribution, whether live or not, such as photographs or other current or future media technologies; c. unconditionally consents to the use of recording/images, as described in b., gratuitously, indefinitely and worldwide; d. holds neither PSV nor parties using the image and/or sound material for commercial or non-commercial purposes with PSV's permission, liable for the use of this image and/or sound material; e. waives his/her portrait rights, insofar as it concerns images made at the PSV Event and/or other (external) locations affiliated with PSV and/or its partners, sponsors or suppliers, including but not limited to the PSV Campus de Herdgang, in which he/she, or at least the person he/she exercises his/her guardianship over, is recognizable in the image.

    Article 7 - Applicable law and competent court

    1. All contracts concluded with PSV to which these general conditions apply are governed exclusively by Dutch law.
    2. All disputes arising from the agreements entered into between PSV and the consumer, including these terms and conditions, are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the (interim relief judge of the) District Court of East Brabant.