Interview Boscagli: 'We want to win this tournament as the first team'

Interview Boscagli: 'We want to win this tournament as the first team'
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Olivier Boscagli played his 100th game for PSV last weekend. On the eve of the European encounter with FC Copenhagen, the French defender is looking forward with anticipation to a great European evening at Philips Stadium. "We have a lot of fanatical fans. They always give us the final push during European matches."

For Boscagli, it doesn't matter which opponent comes out of the tube. "If you want to win this tournament, you have to be able to win against every opponent. In that respect, it doesn't really matter who we draw against. I think we can be satisfied with this opponent. We expect a tough and physical match. European matches always are. If we put our own game on the mat, I am convinced we will win."

New rule
"For me, it makes no difference whether we start with a home or away game," Boscagli says. "Now that away goals no longer count double, in my eyes it doesn't matter much which of the two games you start with. However, I do look forward to the home game the most. We can then show in front of our own fans what we have to offer. The objective is clear. Only the win counts for us as a team."

Conference League
The Frenchman prefers to show his skills at the highest European level. But so far the Conference League is pleasing him better than expected. "We have already shown a lot of great things this European season. Of course it's a bummer that we don't play in the Champions League or Europa League anymore, but we should be happy that we are still active in Europe. The Conference League is a nice tournament. We would like to become the first team in history to win the tournament. Then we will be in the history books forever."

"European nights in Eindhoven are always very special," the left-winger looks back on previous European matches in a swirling Philips Stadium. "For example, I won't soon forget the home game against Benfica. There were an awful lot of fans in and around the stadium. I hope the stadium against FC Copenhagen will be as full again. The support of the twelfth man helps us enormously. We need that every match. The fans show that they are always behind us. That can help us win the match again this time, too."

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