The stats of | Striking Boscagli offensively and defensively important

The stats of | Striking Boscagli offensively and defensively important
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Olivier Boscagli had a strong game Friday night. Although he was positioned as a central defender, he made his mark for Head Coach Peter Bosz.

Michael Brouwer, closing post of the visitors from Almelo, had to deal with fourteen goal attempts and had to bow his head only twice. An interception allowed Olivier to start his own attack and after a good combination with Malik Tillman he was the end of the line. With his left foot he controlled the ball and thus signed for the second PSV goal of the evening.

96 minutes were played at the Philips Stadium and in them Olivier managed to deliver 40% of his sent passes in forward motion to a teammate. A total of 121 passes left the central defender's foot. With an accuracy rate of 94%, he only had to surpass colleague André Ramalho (99%). The ace of the defense sent over 200 balls towards teammates on Friday night.

Olivier managed to take possession of the ball no less than 12 times in the league game against Heracles Almelo. That's the most of any PSV player on the pitch. Twice the left-winger dueled his way into possession and ten times he saw through the visitors' plan. His adequate reaction also proved to be the introduction to the 2-0. In addition, he also won every duel in attack, something no teammate could match.

Attacking aspirations
His drive forward was not only reflected in the passing, as Olivier also managed to exhibit his qualities on the dribble. The defender dribbled across the Philips Stadium pitch ten times. In addition, he shot twice at the Heracles goal, one of which went into the goal and one just wide.