March 24, 2:30 p.m.
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  1. Half-time score: 0 - 0

  2. Fact

    The point difference does not produce any shifts for PSV. Roeland ten Berge 's formation remains in third place. The away match against AZ is scheduled for March 31.

  3. Zera Hulswit was the originator of the equalizer, giving her 12th assist this season.

  4. End signal

    The encounter between PSV and Feyenoord ended in a 1-1 draw. The visitors took the lead in the closing stages of the game, but within a minute PSV came alongside through Chimera Ripa.

  5. Injury time

    Four minutes will be added at Philips Stadium.

  6. Final Phase

    PSV and Feyenoord both try to force the winning goal, but are also cautious. Injury time is approaching.

  7. Chimera Ripa scores her eighth goal this season!


    There is a lightning fast answer from PSV Women! From the kickoff Zera Hulswit is sent away and she finds the head of Chimera Ripa, who scores the equalizer after a measured cross!

  9. Goal...

    It is 0-1 for the visitors. Justine Brandau sent substitute Dechamaily Lont into the deep and she again found Ella van Kerkhoven. This time the Feyenoord striker does get a shot off and shoots in.

  10. Danger.

    Now it is Feyenoord that takes control. Ella van Kerkhoven gets the ball played into her feet, but a good defensive block from the PSV defense prevents further danger.

  11. Team!

  12. Change

    Romée van de Lavoir, still dangerous with a flaming shot in the first half, was pulled aside after an hour of play. Her replacement is Noëlle van der Sluijs.

  13. Opportunity

    Chimera Ripa is sent away around the center line towards the enemy goal area. The attacker does everything right and coolly caps her direct opponent, but her effort goes over Oliwia Szymczak's goal.

  14. Intercept

    What a clever tackle by Veerle Buurman, who therefore narrowly avoided danger for the Rotterdam visitors. The way to the PSV goal was open, but the defender blocked the cross.

  15. Focus

    The numbers three and nine of the Azerion Women's Eredivisie rankings are back on the field. No changes were made by Roeland ten Berge and Jessica Torny. Come on, PSV!

  16. Balance

    PSV and Feyenoord are keeping each other in balance. The team from Roeland ten Berge saw two efforts turned away by Oliwia Szymczak. Lisan Alkemade had to intervene once.

  17. What an opportunity!

    Whew! A good corner from the right side comes full on the right foot of Nina Nijstad, but she finds the fists of Oliwia Szymczak.

  18. Halftime is approaching. Ten minutes left on the clock at Philips Stadium.

  19. Game image

    PSV were knocking on the door of the Feyenoord defense with increasing frequency. A cross came from the left flank, but it narrowly passed Joëlle Smits and rolled over the back line.

  20. Back and forth...

    Chimera Ripa wanted to put Zera Hulswit alone in front of the goalkeeper, but the two attackers misunderstood each other. As a result, ball possession was lost in the final stages.

  21. Kickoff!

    The ball is rolling at Philips Stadium. Joëlle Smits was allowed to start the top affair of Women's Football WKND after the whistle of referee Julia van Es.

  22. Record

    Under the watchful eye of 12,000 thousand spectators, the 22 ladies enter the playing field of the Philips Stadium. That's a record! This takes the old record, which stood at 11,500 spectators, out of the books.

  23. We are about to begin!

  24. Setup

    The eleven names of PSV Women! Lisan Alkemade Will defend the goal this afternoon. The defense is formed by: Sara Thrige, Gwyneth Hendriks, Veerle Buurman and Melanie Bross. Nina Nijstad, Laura Strik and Chimera Ripa make up the middle line. The forwards are enriched by Zera Hulswit, Joëlle Smits and Indiah Paige-Riley. Come on, girls!

  25. Veerle Buurman will start at Philips Stadium. Head coach Roeland ten Berge has drafted the 17-year-old defender, who recently signed her first professional contract with PSV, in the last line.

  26. Back in town

    Sisca Folkertsma is back in Eindhoven for a while! The midfielder played for PSV between 2015 and 2017, scoring ten goals in red and white. Today she starts as captain in Feyenoord's blue.

  27. Trust

    PSV Women lost only once in league play to today's opponent. That was on August 17, 2021 and at that time they lost 2-1 in Rotterdam-Zuid. On Eindhoven soil, the ladies have never lost to Feyenoord.

  28. The previous league encounter between these two teams ended in a three-point win for PSV Women. Through goals by Gwyneth Hendriks and Chimera Ripa, a 0-2 final score stood on the scoreboard in Rotterdam afterwards.

  29. Statistics

    Good afternoon and welcome to the liveblog of PSV Women - Feyenoord Women. The ladies have just arrived at the Philips Stadium and are chasing their fourth consecutive home win in league play.