Transfer | Hirving Lozano trades PSV this winter for San Diego FC

Transfer | Hirving Lozano trades PSV this winter for San Diego FC
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Hirving Lozano will leave PSV on Jan. 1, 2025. The 28-year-old Mexican international joins Major League Football team San Diego FC in the new year. Chucky will still play the first half of the season for PSV. After that, he will continue his career in the United States.

Hirving began his second term in red and white in the summer of 2023. His first term began in 2017 and ended in 2019, when he was acquired by SSC Napoli. Chucky has never hidden the fact that he would like to eventually play football again near his home country of Mexico. He is now seizing that opportunity.

"Hirving was eager to play for PSV again more than a year ago. He has lost his heart to this club and his family is fond of this region. We are charmed by him as a footballer, but we also respect him as a human being. That is why we did not hesitate to honor his request to return to his home region. We are very happy that he will play for us for another six months first," said Director of Football Affairs Earnest Stewart.

Strong closing
The wing attacker is the first "designated player" of San Diego FC, a new team entering the U.S. MLS next year. "Today I feel with mixed feelings," the Mexican told me upon signing his contract. "on the one hand I am overcome with joy at the possibility of embarking on a new adventure in the world of football and on the other hand, I feel a deep melancholy for having to say goodbye again to the place that I consider my second home. I have been fortunate to share great moments, victories and championships with the great institution that is PSV, and when talking about the institution I include the fans, the managers, all the security personnel, coaching staff, props, volunteers, my dear teammates... Everything achieved on the field, absolutely everything, is a team effort, it is all of us involved who achieve each and every one of the victories. Once PSV, always PSV. But there is also the other part that has also been a champion by my side, my family. My beloved little ones and my dear wife are the source of support where I nourish myself and find the motivation to continue giving everything at every opportunity on the court. It is them and for them that I dedicate all my effort and dedication. We have enjoyed each victory and each of the injuries have been less painful thanks to the smile that they give me every day. We have all been part of the great PSV family, it is a pride for us to be part of this dream. I still have six more months waiting for me in Holland, we are going to enjoy them to the fullest. My dedication will be absolute, I want to take this energy with me so that when difficult moments arise, the memory of our exploits will lift me up. Thank you all for so much, I owe it to you", Chucky concluded.

Two-time national champion
So far, Chucky has been in action 112 times for PSV. In those, he scored 46 times and gave 31 assists. In 2017-2018 and 2023-2024, he became champion of the Netherlands with PSV. On Aug. 4, he can add one more prize. Then PSV will play in their own Philips Stadium for the Johan Cruijff Schaal.