Pro contract | PSV contracts 16-year-old Holseter-Karlsen

Pro contract | PSV contracts 16-year-old Holseter-Karlsen
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Philip Holseter-Karlsen has signed a three-year contract. The 16-year-old midfielder comes over from Eik Tønsberg, which plays at the third level of Norway. Philip already had several internships at PSV Academy and will now join the O19.

Philip Holseter-Karlsen made his debut for Eik Tønsberg's main squad at age 15. In addition, the box-to-box midfielder is active for Norway O16. During his internships, he played with PSV O15 at the Marveld tournament, among others. There Philip showed he is very versatile and has a good (free) kick.

Meet Philip
Every year, players from our own youth academy sign their first contract at PSV. We would like to introduce you to our talents from PSV Academy. On our social media channels we introduce Philip to you.