Press conference | 'During the minutes I am on the field, I have to show myself'

Press conference | 'During the minutes I am on the field, I have to show myself'
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PSV won by a wide margin in Volendam on Sunday night. PSV had a difficult start with an early deficit, but Peter Bosz 's team managed to turn the score around to a big win. The head coach was very positive about two substitutes.

"We were trounced by FC Volendam for the first few minutes. There was a lack of pace to play such an opponent that is broken down with many people at the back. More movement, more people changing sides and more pace: that was what we needed at that moment," Bosz analyzed. "I'm glad Ismael scored a good goal fairly soon after that early deficit, because these are the weeks that define your season. Now the prizes are distributed. In the end we create chances and finish the game well."

The Head Coach spoke highly of substitutes Isaac Babadi and Ricardo Pepi. "Isaac filled in very well. He doesn't have to show me that he can play good football, but he has to keep it functional. He did that for the most part today," Bosz said who is also complimentary about the qualities of Pepi. "Pepi didn't surprise me. I know what a great approach and shot he has. At training you can hear the sound of his shot when he hits the ball. Unfortunately, you don't hear that in the stadium; that's quality."

Pepi was only on the field for one minute today and already managed to find the net. "I think that's my job as a striker. I'm very aware where the goal is and then with my shot I can be important for the team." The American believes that is the most important thing. "During the minutes I am on the pitch and when I have the chance to show myself, I have to do it. I have to help my teammates then."