Press conference | 'I was very happy with him tonight, and not just because of his goal'

Press conference | 'I was very happy with him tonight, and not just because of his goal'
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PSV grabbed the three points in Rotterdam on Tuesday night, getting back on the winning track. Despite a difficult first hour, PSV managed to decide the match quickly thereafter. Head coach Peter Bosz handed out compliments to his team and spoke highly of the treacherous Mauro JR.

Peter Bosz saw a very different PSV than last Saturday. "We certainly didn't play well the first half, but that's a little different from what I saw against NEC. For me it was about the intention we exuded. The intention to put high pressure, win the ball back quickly and play our own game; I did see that today." The coach saw Excelsior Rotterdam defend compactly which made it difficult for his team in the first half. "It's logical that you don't create many chances when you play on artificial turf against a team that defends very aggressively and looks fresh like them. At halftime I told the boys to stay calm and keep the high ball pace. I saw that Excelsior couldn't keep it up the whole match."

The head coach was positive about the entire team, but especially praised Mauro Júnior. "I was very happy with him tonight. Not only because of his goal, which was very liberating, but especially how he guarded the balance all over the field. With dangerous switchovers, it's nice to have someone standing there who recognizes that and doesn't lose the ball." When asked, there was a lot of pressure on this match, but Bosz said his team handled it well. "It was crucial to win this match after last weekend's first defeat, and the boys did a great job today."

Mauro Júnior scored his first goal since February 2022 and was named MOTM. "It wasn't an easy first half for us, but we put it right together as a team in the second half. You also have to deal with games like this and then I like how we handled it as a team," said Mauro, who was beaming with joy over his performance in Rotterdam. "I was really happy when I heard I got to play this match. It's wonderful to be important on the pitch then and score one of the most beautiful goals of my career. I am proud to be part of this wonderful season and this club.

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