Press conference | 'The football wasn't good enough'

Press conference | 'The football wasn't good enough'
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PSV played a draw against Fortuna Sittard on Sunday afternoon in the 33rd round of play. Afterwards, Peter Bosz and Joël Drommel speak to the press.

"They tried their best, but the football was not good. I don't know if it's because of the championship, but it could be. It's a shame we can't take the record anymore. We might be the second-best, but you don't go for that," the coach said.

Drommel in the base
Peter chose Joël Drommel under the crossbar this game. "He deserved it. He was supposed to play the whole Cup tournament, but we were out early. He trains well and is always there for his fellow goalkeeper. He proved again today to be a good goalkeeper."

Joel made his first league minutes of the season, but did not see his team win. "If you play evenly it's never good. Looking at myself, I was busy especially the first 20 minutes, but it went fine."

The goalkeeper gloats when asked about last week. "The championship was great. I've never experienced anything like it and definitely enjoyed it."