News | PSV Women against Feyenoord at Philips Stadium

News | PSV Women against Feyenoord at Philips Stadium
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During the weekend of March 22, 23 and 24, Dutch league football will be completely dominated by Women's Football WKND. All spotlights will then be on the matches in the Azerion Women's Eredivisie, including PSV - Feyenoord at Philips Stadion.

During the Women's Football WKND, due to an international period, there is no Eredivisie on the schedule and fewer matches than normal will be played in Keuken Kampioen Divisie. It is pre-eminently the perfect opportunity to put all focus on the Azerion Women's Eredivisie. All clubs, partners and ESPN are working together to make it a real football festival. The goal of Women's Football WKND is to get as many fans to the stadiums as possible.

PSV Women have one of the top matches on their hands with a home match at Philips Stadium against Feyenoord Women. Ticketing starts Tuesday, Jan. 23, at noon. There is a free sale (no ClubCard requirement) and tickets are available for €7.50 each. There is a special discounted rate for families and teams of four or more, you will pay €5 per person.

Of course I don't want to miss this!