National champion | The records of the 2023-2024 championship year

National champion | The records of the 2023-2024 championship year
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The highest points total in club history and goals in every round of play. PSV's championship was accompanied by records.

Strong league start
With seventeen wins in the first seventeen games, PSV matched the record for the best league start ever exactly. FC Utrecht formed both the beginning (2-0) and the end (1-1) of the impressive winning streak.

Unbeaten run
The good league start was also a continuation of the strong closing run in the previous season. After a total of 42 duels, the longest unbeaten streak in club history came to an end on a visit to N.E.C. Nijmegen (3-1 loss). The old club record stood at a tally of 35 games.

Influential substitutes
With 20 goals, PSV's substitutes are the most productive ever. The previous record was also held by PSV (19).

Most away goals
Also due to four four-hit, one five-hit, one six-hit, one seven-hit and one eight-hit, PSV is the club with the most away goals in a season ever. The tally ended at 57.

Goal scoring series
As of this season, PSV is also the club with the longest run of at least two goals per home game in the Eredivisie (20). The series started on Jan. 28 against Go Ahead Eagles (2-0) and ended on March 17 against FC Twente (1-0).

PSV is the first team in Eredivisie history with at least one goal in all 34 league games.

Record win
PSV also recorded its biggest ever away win in league this season. Visiting sc Heerenveen, it became 0-8!

PSV is the best Dutch team ever after 25 league games with a points total of 69. In season 1971-1972, Ajax managed the same, but they recorded a goal difference of +52 and PSV's stood at +67. After 34 rounds of play, PSV recorded a goal difference of +90.

This year also saw its own points record fall. In the 2014-2015 season, PSV collected 88 points. This year, 91 points were taken. That was partly due to equaling the best home campaign in a single season: 16 wins and one draw.

Good, better, best
For Luuk de Jong, it was his most productive season ever. Luuk scored a total of 29 goals in 34 league games, also making him a partial top scorer in the Eredivisie.

Biggest share ever
Luuk also showed his class in terms of assists. With a total of 38 goals and 18 assists, he is the most productive PSV player in a season ever. Luuk also recorded the most shots and most shots on goal of the entire Eredivisie.

Joey Veerman
Joey Veerman has proven once again this season that he possesses a golden pass. The Volendam native creates the most chances in the entire Eredivisie(130, 59 more than the No. 2). It earned him 16 assists. The highest number in the league.