Aug. 31, 12:30 p.m.
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  1. Goal

    Sven Simons
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  2. Goal

    Mido Hamelynck
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  3. Goal

    Jaivy Lourens
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  4. Penalties: 7-8

  5. Match report

    PSV draws short in cup game

    PSV O16 played the first game of the new season on Saturday. After a preparation that included a great trip to South Korea, the season started with a cup game. At their own Herdgang stadium, the team played the O17 of Alphense Boys. In an exciting match with six goals, the penalty shootout finally decided the match.

    Despite the first big chance of the match being for the guests, PSV took the lead in the 23rd minute. Mido headed in a fine cross from Shi-Jon: 1-0. The team looked to take a bigger lead moments later, but the Alphense Boys' goalkeeper pulled the ball off the line just in time, according to the referee. At the other end, a goal did fall soon after. After Rick foiled a goal after a counter, he had to watch as the guests equalized. In injury time, however, PSV took the lead again. Jaivy fired in a penalty kick.

    In the second half, PSV continued energetically. Jaivy headed just wide and less than a minute later Sven shot the ball well into the net. The O16 should have put the game away. But Ruben, Jaivy and Mido failed to capitalize on the chances. For the team, the match seemed to last just a little too long. Playing in the O17 rules (two times 45 minutes), PSV gave away the lead in the last five minutes of the match, so penalties had to bring the decision. In this series, the Alphense Boys proved too strong 7-8 and PSV O16 was eliminated from the cup tournament.

    Rick Jonkers; Seb Loeffen (16/Shi-jon Martina), Jesper Uneken, Koen Jansen, Julian Kuijpers (76/Luc Netten), Tijmen Niekel, Matteo Dams, Sven Simons (64/Chahid el Allachi); Ruben van Bommel, Mido Hamelynck (80/Tyron Perret Gentil), Jaivy Lourens.