Aug. 31, 11:00 a.m.
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  1. Goal

    Jason van Duiven
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    Isaac Babadi
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  3. Goal

    Julian Kwaaitaal
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    Tim van den Heuvel
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  6. Match report

    PSV O15 played three practice matches in recent weeks: the first against Rot Weiss Essen ended 3-3, the match at Borussia Mönchengladbach in a 0-1 victory, and last weekend's 4-1 win over AZ in Eindhoven.

    So a good preparation on the way to the first official match. And that was on the program today. At PSV Campus de Herdgang, PSV O15 played a cup match against DSO from Zoetermeer. DSO (Door Samenspel Overwinnen) plays in the regular league in the 1st division, but especially in this kind of matches there should be no underestimation. Furthermore, it also applies to the youth of PSV: the road to a real prize is shortest in the cup tournament.

    With the new rules (playing time of twice 40 minutes and 7 substitutions, including the possibility of substituting back), the kickoff took place under warm conditions a little after 11:00 am. And barely two minutes later another kick-off took place. After captain Jason van Duiven had first hit the goalkeeper and Emir Bars had tested the quality of the aluminum, Jason scored the 1-0 after a pass from Isaac Babadi. PSV clearly remained the strongest and put some fine attacks on the mat. However, coach Vincent Heilmann 's team was less fortunate in the execution. Also due to some fine saves by the DSO goalkeeper. After leaving a handful of chances unused, Jason made it 2-0 in the 18th minute, again put in by Isaac. Four minutes later the game was decided and again it was Jason who managed to find the net after a fine attack. It started with a beautiful long ball from Joëll Gill'ard to Julian Kwaaitaal who then came inside and played Jason.

    PSV did not let up after this third goal and continued eagerly looking for more goals. And they did! With a score of 8-0, both teams went to the dressing room to cool off. After Jason's hat-trick, Isaac (assist Elvic Jager), Julian (after a cross from Reda El Meliani landed at Jason's feet), Julian again (assist Isaac), Isaac (assist Jason) and Jason scored the eighth goal after an assist from Isaac.

    After halftime, PSV continued scoring merrily, allowing a double-digit result to eventually go into the books: 15-0. Jason scored his fifth goal of the second half in the 44th minute. Then Isaac also added another goal, scoring 10-0 with a brilliant stick after an assist from Enzo Geerts. Khaled Razak scored the eleventh goal with an assist from Isaac and Elvic scored the twelfth with an individual effort. After an Enzo kick hit the post in the 63rd minute, Elvic was on hand to score his second and 13th PSV goal. Tim van den Heuvel scored the 14th goal after an assist from Khaled and Khaled scored the final goal just before time.

    So a particularly big win in this first round of the cup. Which was not even flattered to be honest. Against an opponent who dared to keep playing football throughout the match and should be complimented for that. However, the difference in level was too big today. Next weekend PSV O15 starts the regular competition. Then FC Utrecht will come to Eindhoven.

    Tijn Smolenaars; Reda El Meliani (49/Immanuel Hagemans), Bram Rovers, Joëll Gill'ard (49/Arthur Piedfort), Renzo Tytens (56/Tim van den Heuvel); Emir Bars (36/Enzo Geerts), Tim van den Heuvel (31/Tijn Vergeldt), Isaac Babadi; Elvic Jager, Jason van Duiven (c) (56/Emir Bars), Julian Kwaaitaal (49/Khaled Razak).