August 30, 00:00
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  1. Match report

    Just like last season, PSV under 15 is assigned to Volendam in the cup competition. Besides Volendam, the Eindhoven players will meet VVV and Heerenveen. The team of trainers Edwin de Wijs and Eric Addo will meet the latter two away from home. Volendam visited De Herdgang, just like last season. A year ago, PSV won 3-1.

    So after a preparation that went well, the first serious match was scheduled. However, the preparation would not be an indicator for this match. After all: because 9 players had to accompany the B-youth and the fact that not all players were available due to illness/injury, a totally different team stood on the field than during the preparation period. Thus the C1 started with 5 players from the "under 14" and 6 players from that team were also on the bench. Knowing that the starting line-up also included Abou Kone, who is actually a C2 player as well, it was an extremely young team to start.

    After mutual probing in the early stages, PSV slowly took control. Especially Yorbe Vertessen cut through the Orange defense like a watery eel (yes, he is faint like that against Volendam). Joop Daniëls was also threatening twice after he profited twice from mistakes in the Volendam build-up. There was no scoring in the first quarter of an hour.

    In the 17th minute they did score. Sem van den Broek received the ball and laid it wide to Arne Bens who coolly shot into the far corner: 1-0.

    Just 2 minutes later the team was close to scoring 2-0. An attack on the right via Arne and Joop went smoothly and the latter put the ball back to Sem from the back line. Unfortunately his shot was blocked and it remained 1-0. But not for long, because on the counter attack Volendam equalized. A winger had moved in with the ball at his foot, threatened to shoot with the right, but cunningly tipped the ball in front of his left and took a hard shot. The ball flew hard and high into the net via the underside of the crossbar: 1-1. Beautiful goal by our guests!

    The game went up and down. PSV was the better team and had the best chances. Often these were created on the left flank through the fast Yorbe. But Damian Timan also made himself heard. First by shooting hard over. Then he created a 3 against 1 situation that unfortunately did not lead to a second goal (the goalkeeper saved Arne's effort with more luck than wisdom) and finally by putting Yorbe in front of the goal with a nice through pass where he hit the outrun keeper.

    Because goalkeeper Jurre Schaafsma kept his goal clean, both teams went to rest with a 1-1 score.

    After tea, PSV took the initiative. It led to chances through Sem who tried his luck from distance when the goalkeeper was out of position. And Yorbe whose shot went narrowly wide. Moments later he found the post in his way, leaving PSV hanging on for a draw. A lead was in the air and deservedly so in the 50th minute.

    A great cross from Damian to Thijs Martens who had just stepped in was curled beautifully into the far top corner by Thijs. Another brilliant goal at a good time.

    Volendam now had to come, and that gave PSV space in front. After Jurre defused a long-distance shot, Thijs tried to score in an identical way to the 2-1. This time, however, the Volendam goalie was able to save.

    Because PSV now played with 10 first-year C-pupils, and Volendam still wanted to force something, the Eindhoven team was pushed back a bit. Thanks to good defensive work by Shurandy Sambo, goalkeeper Jurre Schaafsma and Mees Kreekels (who worked the ball out of the mouth of the goal in injury time), PSV remained relatively easy. Even better: from a counter in the dying seconds, Dennis Vos, who also stepped in, brought the score to 3-1. The assist here was from Yorbe, who despite the many sprinting duels he had already fought, scored one more time and symbolized the team that came into the lines today.

    A deserved victory for PSV, who with an extremely young team put in a more than fine performance here. With at times good football, Volendam was sent to North Holland with the same result as last year. Compliments for the entire team are absolutely in order here! At this....

    Jurre Schaafsma; Joey Verhoeven (53' Mees Kreekels), Abou Kone, Shurandy Sambo, Bryan van Hove (46' Dennis Vos); Damian Timan (53' Stijn van de Put), Mathijs Bel, Joop Daniëls (c); Arne Bens (46' Thijs Martens), Sem van den Broek (57' Jochem van Dijk), Yorbe Vertessen.