Aug. 29, 00:00
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  1. Match report

    Today the practice match against AZ was scheduled. Both teams had agreed in advance that the match would be played in three 30-minute periods.

    PSV started the match brightly but this did not really yield a field advantage. The best opportunities in the beginning of the match were for the visitors. PSV could only counter with a few distance shots. Yet it was PSV that took the lead in the 17th minute. Through a quick breakaway, the ball eventually reached Jayden. With a fierce sprint he held off the AZ defender and shot into the far corner, 1-0. Ten minutes later, PSV managed to score again. PSV put good pressure on the midfield and conquered the ball. With a nice through ball Jayden was put in scoring position. He did not miss this opportunity and scored the 2-0.

    In the second period, the visitors started the game more fiercely. PSV played less concentrated and suffered unnecessary ball loss. Ten minutes after halftime this gave the visitors the tying goal, 2-1. After this goal, PSV got back into the game. However, this resulted in hardly any scoring opportunities. In the 53rd minute, the visitors managed to equalize. An AZ attack was rounded off effectively 2-2. This also seemed to become the score at halftime, but unnecessary ball loss in PSV's defense in the last minute of the second period was punished by AZ, 2-3.

    From the start of the third period, PSV went in search of the equalizer. In the 69th minute, PSV managed to score after a nice attack through the center of AZ's defense. It was finally Jeremy who tapped in the 3-3. Five minutes later the visitors got a corner. The corner was turned away but the resulting cross was tapped in, 3-4. PSV did not leave it at that and a few minutes later PSV had a good opportunity for the equalizer. However, the effort was cleverly turned away by the AZ goalie. PSV then continued unabated and took more risks. This gave the visitors opportunities to go even further ahead. This eventually happened. In the final minutes of the match the visitors managed to score two more goals, making the final score 3-6.

    Verhoeven, Cox, Lonwijk, Maatsen, Van der Burgt, De Schutter, Antonisse, Nassoh, Clabbers, Tielemans, Braaf, Bora Deyonge, Matuta La Nkenda Nosa, J. Munsters, Strijbosch, N. Munsters, Verschut.