September 27, 00:00
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  1. Match report

    This weekend, PSV's under 15 team faced Sparta Rotterdam. Since it is only the 4th round of play, it was remarkable that PSV had already hit all Rotterdam teams after this round. Because in the first round, Excelsior was the opponent (5-0 victory). And Feyenoord had to acknowledge their superiority to PSV in the 2nd round (0-2 in Rotterdam). Could PSV continue their unbeaten streak and prevent a Rotterdam goal? A win at Sparta would in any case be very welcome in order not to fall a long way behind. Important to qualify for the spring league where only the best no. 4 of this competition will go. The remaining 8 teams will play in the First Division.

    Due to injuries (Gregory Kuisch and Yasin Aalillou) and suspension (Abou Kone) PSV was not at full strength. Opportunities therefore for others to step up and show their qualities.

    After a flat start to the match, the first chance for Sekou Sidibe was in the 10th minute when he was put in the depth by Tijn Daverveld. However, his shot went wide. As PSV got better and better at getting out on the football, they got a few chances in the course of the first half. A free kick from Davy van den Berg went just over the head of Tijn Daverveld and Arne Bens also saw his shot on the edge of the 16-yard line go wide.

    Sparta had one big chance against this in the 26th minute when a Spartan kicked a cross from the side just wide. Two minutes later the other side scored. After a foul midway through the Sparta half on Sekou Sidibe, Davy got behind the ball. He cut the ball delightfully and placed it perfectly on the head of Tijn Daverveld, who outsmarted the outgoing goalkeeper: 0-1.

    Just before halftime, the Eindhoven team had the perfect opportunity to double the score. On a deep ball the right back and goalkeeper got in each other's way, allowing Arne Bens to pick up the ball. Unfortunately he failed to score as the Sparta goalkeeper managed to get back into the goal at lightning speed.

    Because goalkeeper Lucas Derks saved a Sparta effort in the last minute, both teams went to rest with a score of 0-1.

    In the second half Sparta started brightly and got some small opportunities. Especially through the fast striker they were threatening. Lucas also parried a well shot free kick in this early phase and saved well when the striker threatened again.

    After fifteen minutes PSV took the initiative again. Sem van de Broek had a free shooting opportunity after he was played free by Benjamin Kailie. In the 48th minute, PSV got a nice chance when they got a free kick at about 18 meters. The kick by Joep Hakkens turned towards the left crossbar, but the Sparta goalkeeper just managed to get his fingertips against the ball. Via the crossbar the ball ended up in the bobbin, but Vince Colpaert saw his header go wide.

    Twelve minutes before time, PSV seemed to put an end to the game. Arne Bens sent in Joop Daniels, but to PSV's dismay he was flagged down and whistled off for offside. A minute later, justice was served. A far kick by goalkeeper Lucas Derks ended up with the quick Sekou who cleverly took advantage of miscommunication in the Sparta rearguard and easily scored the 0-2.

    With this goal the game was played. PSV gained confidence and at Sparta the belief in a good result had disappeared. In the closing stages, the Eindhoven team made it 0-3. Joop Daniels seemed to waste the ball on the edge of the sixteen meters, but by fighting back quickly he recaptured the ball. And it didn't stop there! For he wriggled and wriggled his way through half of the Sparta team to finally slide in the 0-3 easily in front of the goalkeeper.

    So PSV also won the third game against a Rotterdam opponent. And again they kept the zero in the back. Maybe we should ask the KNVB to include more teams from Rotterdam in the league.... Based on 70 minutes, a deserved victory for PSV that recovered well from last week's defeat.

    Lucas Derks; Benjamin Kailie, Tijn Daverveld, Koen Oostenbrink, Bryan van Hove; Vince Colpaert (53' Evert Linthorst), Joep Hakkens, Davy van den Berg; Sekou Sidibe, Sem van de Broek (49' Joop Daniels), Arne Bens.