March 27, 00:00
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  1. Match report

    Match will be played at:
    Sportpark Jan Truijenlaan
    Matterhornstraat 35
    5022 PA Tilburg

    Four in a row. Who doesn't know it? That fun family game of getting four checkers in a row. Fun to play...but hopefully this would not symbolize a fourth defeat in a row of PSV o15. Because after a defeat at VVV and then the double defeat against Ajax, the tally stood at three. And that obviously does something to a team. Especially at this age.

    However, with an away game against Willem II, we immediately faced a tough opponent. For the fourth time this year both teams met. Twice in the league (0-1 defeat and 3-0 victory) and once in the cup (0-0 and PSV loses penalty shootout). Add to that the fact that we played Ajax on Tuesday and had to play again three nights later on Friday, it was an extra challenge.

    Just like against Ajax, all good intentions and battle plans were thrown overboard very quickly. Because already in the 2nd minute Willem II took the lead when they shot a free kick from about 18 meters into the goal. Another quick goal for a team that was already in the thick of things.

    PSV struggled to get into its rhythm. The pace of play was too slow to surprise Willem II. Still, it got quite a few chances and opportunities in the first half. But Sekou Sidibe in particular did not have his sights set straight today or was unlucky enough to have his shots parried by the keeper.

    Evert Linthorst also saw a shot go wide in the 17th minute after a good move by Yasin Aalillou on the left. Willem II did not leave their mark either. Kyan van Dorp had to intervene when a free kick threatened to go wide.

    In the 23rd minute the equalizer seemed to come. PSV had three chances in the space of two minutes, but the ball just would not go in. While the equalizer hung in the air at that stage, the goal fell at the other end (cliché). A cross from the flank was headed in at the far post by a free-standing Willem II player: 2-0.

    Just before halftime PSV seemed to score the tying goal, but Sekou Sidibe's well-struck free kick was kept out of the goal. Willem II also had a chance (again from a standing situation) just before halftime. Because this one too was not taken, both teams went into the dressing rooms with a 2-0 score.

    PSV had to change up a few gears in the second half to turn the game around. And had a flashy start. After a good action by Yasin Aalillou and ditto cross, striker Sem van den Broek's effort seemed to have crossed the goal line. But via bottom crossbar the ball was kicked away. The referee let the game continue, but fortunately the ball ended up at the feet of Davy van den Berg, who did not think twice and scored the tying goal. Would PSV succeed after all?

    Because barely a minute after the 2-1, Yasin Aalillou almost scored the equalizer. His shot went narrowly past the wrong side of the post. PSV was dealt a serious blow a minute later, however, when Willem II increased the difference to two goals again. A long ball was not properly judged by the Eindhoven defense after which the fast outside player had little trouble passing goalkeeper Kyan van Dorp: 3-1.

    What a blow! The team of trainers Edwin de Wijs and Eric Addo had to recover from that. It had all the luck in the world when Willem II was on its way to deliver the final blow in the 43rd minute. A sloppiness in the build-up was almost punished when a Tilburger went off alone toward goal. Fortunately for PSV, his shot went just wide.

    Instead of 4-1, 4 minutes later it was 3-2. A swift attack down the right flank starring Joep Hakkens and Sem van den Broek allowed the former to kick the ball into the far corner. Sem's assist was of great beauty in this.

    The tension rose and was palpable. Especially when Willem II again came in front of the PSV goal two minutes later. Kyan van Dorp saved the shot from close range.

    Fifteen minutes before the end, PSV came alongside. And again it was a beautiful goal. And again the duo Sem van den Broek and Joep Hakkens were involved in the goal. The latter delivered a magnificent cross from the right, which Sem extended with his head and the ball went in at the far post: 3-3.

    This goal gave the players renewed courage. In cycling terms, that's what they say. And so it happened......Davy van den Berg sent Yasin Aalillou into the deep in the 62nd minute. Sekou Sidibe volleyed the ball to Sem van den Broek, who easily added the 3-4!

    And the cake was not over yet...because after Yasin Aalillou's first shot went just wide, he was effective in the 67th minute. A nice long ball from (again) Joep Hakkens landed on Yasin Aalillou's head and via the underside of the crossbar the ball disappeared into the goal: 3-5!!!

    In extra time Willem II scored the 4-5, but time was too short for the home team to get a draw.

    So PSV got on the bus with three points after a memorable Friday night. In a crazy game that could have gone either way, with spectacular goal scoring, PSV took the points. A great team performance that everyone should be proud of! It was not much football, but on character (and some on their gums) they turned the game around: a big compliment is in order. Hereby!

    Next weekend no league game, but both Easter days the under-15 will participate in the Samba tournament at Leonidas in Rotterdam. On April 11, the team resumes competition with an away game against Feyenoord.

    Kyan van Dorp; Joey Verhoeven (59' Gregory Kuisch); Tijn Daverveld (36' Joep Hakkens), Koen Oostenbrink, Bryan van Hove; Evert Linthorst, Davy van den Berg, Vince Colpaert; Sekou Sidibe, Sem van den Broek, Yasin Aalillou.

    Yellow cards: Joey Verhoeven (rough play) and Sekou Sidibe (game misconduct).