Oct. 25, 00:00
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  1. Match report

    After a weekend without football, except for the internationals, the Under 15 of PSV played today against Brabant United. The new training that was created by the merger of Fc Den Bosch and RKC Waalwijk.

    A match for which you would definitely put a 1 on the toto form beforehand. After all, this is a match between the number last (Brabant United, 0 points) and the shared 2nd placed PSV.

    Because a lot of players had to be reshuffled this weekend, there was another team on the field. But also the technical staff looked different this time: coach Edwin de Wijs was coaching the O16 today. So Peter Uneken, normally coach of the O14, was responsible for coaching together with Eric Addo.

    For a moment it seemed that Brabant United would start pulling time from the first whistle when after less than 30 seconds the striker went to the ground and asked for an injury treatment. However, it was a serious injury so Brabant United had to make a substitution after only 1 minute.

    The game was completely in line with the ranking. PSV dictated the game and hardly saw Brabant United cross the halfway line. In the 8th minute the Eindhoven team scored the opening goal. A corner by captain Evert Linthorst landed exactly at the feet of Mathijs Bel, who easily shot the ball in: 1-0. A good start, and many supporters were already thinking of getting out the well known counter. However, the pace was too slow to split open the Bossche defense. Either the choice in the final phase was unfortunate or poorly executed.

    Of course, PSV did get chances/opportunities. Sem van den Broek came a toe short at the far post to shoot in a cross from Arne Bens. Also a shot by Yasin Aalillou (finally back after an injury to his hand) was not turned into a goal as the goalkeeper pushed the ball just wide.

    With a 1-0 lead, both teams headed for the locker rooms. PSV added another 4 players from the under-14 team, creating a very young team.

    After some exploring, PSV picked up the thread. Again it was Mathijs Bel who came close to scoring. Twice he saw a shot miss the target. The substitute Yorbe Vertessen was also close to scoring 2-0 after he was sent into the depth by Evert.

    PSV held on to a slim 1-0 lead and had to watch out for the rare Brabant United breakaways.

    The substitute players made their presence felt. In the 57th minute Jochem van Dijk crossed the ball from the left flank. Yorbe headed the ball into the feet of Damian Timan, who saw his effort saved by the Brabant United goalie. The corner that followed was headed against the bar by Mathijs.

    Four minutes later PSV finally seemed to score a goal. Yasin sent Yorbe deep with a wonderful ball. The far-out goalkeeper was able to contain the first danger, but the rebound was shot well into the net by Mohamed Ihattaren. With more luck than wisdom, a Bossche defender was able to head the ball away before it ended up in the goal.

    With less than 10 minutes to play, Brabant United started to play more opportunistically. The tall backup goalkeeper was forced to play in the forward position and his length immediately brought a lot of threat.
    The change in tactics also created more space for PSV to seal the game. But the guests kept their goal clean with a lot of effort.

    And then a 1-0 lead remains dangerous. We all saw that last Thursday in the match PSV - Panathinaikos. And it almost happened again. After Brabant United went close to Kyan van Dorp, the substitute striker/reserve keeper shot at goal from distance. His shot was half blocked, resulting in a strange cross ball towards goal. Fortunately, Kyan was alert to turn the ball into a corner.

    In the last minute PSV managed to find the net and kept the three points in Eindhoven. After a good push by Yorbe, the ball ended up with Mohamed and the D-player rounded off in a very controlled way by sliding the ball into the far corner.

    Thus PSV won from the league's relegation leader. The score could/should have been higher, then you would have made it less difficult for yourself in the closing stages. Considering the fact that the team ended the game with only 3 second-year C-players, a compliment is certainly in order!

    Kyan van Dorp; Joey Verhoeven (36' Shurandy Sambo), Abou Kone, Dennis Vos, Bryan van Hove (36' Jochem van Dijk); Evert Linthorst (c), Mathijs Bel, Vince Colpaert (36' Damian Timan); Arne Bens (54' Mohamed Ihattaren), Sem van de Broek (36' Yorbe Vertessen), Yasin Aalillou.