November 22, 00:00
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  1. Match report

    This weekend the O15 was once again on display at their own Herdgang. That was almost a month ago when they defeated Brabant United on October 25.

    Last week the team of trainers Edwin de Wijs and Eric Addo easily qualified for the quarterfinals of the cup tournament. This weekend the team qualified for the Eredivisie that starts after the winter break. The numbers 1 through 4 of the Northern and Southern leagues will soon make up this Eredivisie. With 21 points standing and a fine goal difference of 21 for and only 2 goals against, 1 point is probably enough. The current No. 5 in fact stood on 13 points with a goal difference of +5. And with 3 rounds of play to go, PSV can hardly escape placement.

    That was not the case for today's opponent: Nac Breda. Prior to the match, the team was in fourth place. With only 3 points ahead of Nec and VVV. Although the "yellow-blacks" also have a much better goal difference than their direct competitors, the Breda players were determined to bring home at least one point today and at least not suffer a major defeat.

    Already in the first minute captain Kyan van Dorp had to take action when he saved a shot with his leg from the Nac winger. A minute later, PSV right back Joey Verhoeven came close to scoring the opening goal when his cross almost surprised the Nac goalie. The tone seemed set: an open match.

    In the early stages, both teams had chances. The best were for PSV. Joep Hakkens took a free kick from the left flank that he cut in nicely. At the far post the ball went just past two PSV players, and unfortunately just wide of the goal. Nac was close to scoring a goal in the 9th minute when the fast right-winger was able to hit a cross which was headed wide by a free Nac player.

    So it seemed to be an up and down game. But it really wasn't. Nac played opportunistic football, basically only using the long ball. PSV tried to play football. The fact that Nac only had 6 goals against showed that they had things pretty well organised at the back.

    Still, PSV had some good chances in the first half through flowing attacks. A good attack via Joop Daniels and Joep Hakkens yielded only a corner. After 20 minutes of play, striker Sem van den Broek was almost put in front of the goal by a beautiful pass from Evert Linthorst, but the Nac goalie's attentive goalkeeping wiped out the opportunity.

    In the 28th minute it was again Sem who was close to scoring the 1-0. After a nice running attack on the left flank, PSV quickly changed sides. From the right, Vince Colpaert delivered a fine cross that Sem headed hard at the inside of the post.

    The opening goal hung in the air. And it came: in the 29th minute, PSV came into possession through Evert Linthorst. Evert steamed up like the steamboat spotted again in Holland, and with the ball at his feet he entered the Nac penalty area. At the last moment he was pulled by his shirt: penalty judged the referee. Good decision, no doubt about it. Just like last week, Abou Kone took care of the penalty. And again he scored in a controlled manner. Only.......the referee hadn't whistled yet......so Abou was given another go. Fortunately, he kept his head cool the second time and controlled the ball into the same corner: 1-0.

    With a deserved lead for the home side, both teams went to rest.

    The beginning of the second half started a bit messy. Nac wanted to but could not. PSV also wanted to, but it just wasn't happening. In the 44th minute Kyan tapped a long distance shot out of the top corner. The corner led to another opportunity for Nac, as three yellow shirts were free at the far post. Fortunately, none of them could reach the ball.

    Midway through the second half Kyan had to use his talents once more when he reflexively turned the ball into a corner with his foot.

    As in the first half, Nac did get some chances. But PSV was really the boss on their own field. And rightly so, they took the lead in the 53rd minute. A corner by Joep Hakkens was headed away, but exactly at the feet of substitute D1 player Mohamed-Amine Ihattaren, who did not hesitate and shot the ball hard through a melee of players against the ropes.

    The match was thus decided. And qualification for the Eredivisie was a fact. Yet the home team continued to look for more goals. In addition to the glorious sunshine, the crowd was treated to heartwarming football at times. It is that Sem was unlucky to kick the ball after a wonderful cross from Joep against the quickly emerging goalkeeper and in the 65th minute he shot the ball against the inside of the post. This left it at 'only' 2-0. A fine performance as 6 players were missing today because they had to join the O16.

    With two more games to play, PSV already qualified for the Eredivisie. Nac on the other hand still has two games to go, and today saw VVV and Nec come alongside in terms of points. It is that they (still) have a better goal difference.

    Kyan van Dorp (c); Joey Verhoeven, Abou Kone, Mathijs Bel, Bryan van Hove; Evert Linthorst, Joep Hakkens, Vince Colpaert; Arne Bens (44' Mohamed-Amine Ihattaren), Sem van den Broek, Joop Daniels (55' Gregory Kuisch).