August 22, 00:00
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  1. Match report

    Today was the first game of the new season, a practice match against Vitesse.

    PSV started the match strongly and had several opportunities to score in the first five minutes. These opportunities were not cashed in. However, the first good chance in the match was for the visitors in the sixth minute, the ball was shot over by a Vitesse player in front of an almost empty goal. The following PSV attack was completed effectively. A deep ball to Jayden was shot in by him, 1-0. A few minutes later PSV found the goal again. After a deep ball to Jur he was able to get around the goalkeeper and scored the 2-0. PSV had the game in their hands early on but were unable to hold on to this comfortable lead. Due to sloppy defending, PSV gave the visitors the opportunity to get back into the game in the 16th minute. Vitesse seized this opportunity with both hands and managed to score the 2-1. In the remaining part of the first half, neither team created any more chances so both teams went to rest at 2-1.

    In the second half, both teams hardly managed to create any chances. The hot weather and lack of rhythm took their toll. In the last 10 minutes of the match, PSV pushed one more time. This resulted in a goal two minutes before time. After a nice attack on the right, Jeremy managed to tap in a tight cross, 3-1. In the last minute the visitors got a penalty kick after a hands ball in the penalty area. The well taken penalty kick was saved by Robin. The final score was 3-1.

    Strijbosch (Verhoeven), Cox, Lonwijk, Matuta La Nkenda Nosa (Bora Deyonge), Van der Burgt (Antonisse), De Schutter (Verschut), Tielemans, Maatsen, Clabbers, Braaf (N. Munsters), J. Munsters (Matuta La Nkenda Nosa).