April 18, 00:00
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  1. Match report

    After last week's draw in Rotterdam against Feyenoord (1-1 drawn in the final stages), the o15 played today against leaders Fc Utrecht.

    A surprising leader because the team only qualified for the champion's pool in the last league round. And was now the proud leader with 7 wins and 3 draws. One of those three draws was against PSV, with the match in Utrecht ending 1-1. Would Eindhoven now hand the Utrechters their first defeat at their own Herdgang?

    In any case, it started fine. Because already in the 3rd minute, the team of trainers Edwin de Wijs and Eric Addo took the lead. Vince Colpaert (who had to start at the last minute for the not fit Evert Linthorst) poked Sekou Sidibe away on the left. He made it to the back line and laid the ball wide to striker Sem van den Broek who finished simply. An attack out of the book they say. Nice also for Sem who in his spare time trains a youth team that became champions today. His team was sitting in the stands and saw their own trainer open the scoring.

    After 6 minutes Yasin Aalillou almost doubled the score. However, he saw his distance shot come back into the field via the keeper and post.

    After 15 minutes of play, the 2-0 still appeared on the board. Vince Colpaert was run into his back on the edge of the 16 m and that led to a free kick. A nice spot for a left-winger and so Sekou Sidibe positioned himself behind the ball. With a fabulous curl he kicked the ball into the far corner behind the Utrecht goalie: 2-0!

    PSV clearly remained on top. It played as a tight team and full of dedication. The chance for an Eindhoven goal was bigger than the tying goal.

    Yasin Aalillou threatened twice: once with a volley and once with his head, but was unable to find the net. Fc Utrecht only became threatening for the first time in the penultimate minute. But still could not get a ball between the posts.

    In the second half, Utrecht had to come. It got the upper hand on the pitch. Without really becoming dangerous.

    Only in the 47th minute were the guests for the first time really threatening. And how! A shot hit the underside of the crossbar and the rebound hit goalkeeper Lucas Derks hard.

    Eleven minutes later Lucas Derks held the ball too long in the eyes of the referee and he whistled for the 6-second rule. From about 5 meters in front of the goal Utrecht was allowed to take an indirect free kick. Lucas Derks was able to contain any further danger by running out quickly. The ensuing corner was headed in hard, but Gregory Kuisch was in exactly the right place to head the ball out of the goal mouth.

    PSV had a hard time, but with a lot of skill and the fighting spirit of a lion the team kept their goal clean. Although: Utrecht managed to find the goal once. But luckily this time it was the mini-goal next to the real goal.

    Because PSV were careless in the transition, the match ended in a beautiful 2-0 victory. Considering the whole match a justified victory in which there was a real and tight team on the field today. That by fighting for every meter gave Utrecht its first defeat. Compliments guys!!!

    Next Saturday another top 3 team comes to De Herdgang: AZ. I wonder if we can show the same sharpness and will to win against them.

    Lucas Derks; Gregory Kuisch, Tijn Daverveld (50' Mathijs Bel), Shurandy Sambo, Bryan van Hove (66' Joey Verhoeven); Koen Oostenbrink, Davy van den Berg (c), Vince Colpaert (59' Arne Bens); Sekou Sidibe, Sem van den Broek (54' Mohammed Ihattaren), Yasin Aalillou.

    Yellow card: Vince Colpaert (rough play)