Sept. 14, 12:00 p.m.
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  1. Goal

    Bram Rovers
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  2. Match report

    No win in Rotterdam

    The second league match was on the program today. Where the O15 swept FC Utrecht last week at the renovated Campus De Herdgang, they now played at the renovated Varkenoord. Opponent Feyenoord won their first game last weekend as well, 2-5 at Excelsior. But is already out of the cup competition after a 1-3 defeat against ADO Den Haag.

    The opening phase was slightly in favor of PSV, but both teams managed to create little danger in front of goal in the first quarter of the match. It was therefore rather unexpected to score in the 21st minute. The home side took a free kick from the side and the ball was headed wide at the far post before a Feyenoord player scored the 1-0 from close range. Just after that, goalkeeper Tijn Smolenaars saved handsomely with his foot when suddenly the Rotterdam striker appeared in front of him. PSV struggled to get through the Feyenoord defense in the final stages. Sometimes the choice was not the right one, other times the line-up was not good or the final pass was sloppy. Still, PSV could have come alongside before halftime when Isaac Babadi cleverly played himself free and shot the ball just wide of the crossbar from the edge of the box.

    After the break Feyenoord quickly made it 2-0 when an attacker was able to get inside and put the ball behind Tijn. PSV had to get going and came close in the 47th minute when Julian Kwaaitaal ran out at speed and laid the ball wide to Elvic Jager, but a Feyenoord player was just able to save the ball and Isaac shot wide via the keeper. A minute later PSV was threatening again when Arthur Piedfort intercepted the ball well and Isaac was in scoring position. Unfortunately his effort went wide. After a quick conversion in the 53rd minute, Julian played Elvic in deep, he tried to get past the outflowing goalkeeper with a stift, but the goalkeeper saved with his hand. And because that action was just outside the sixteen-meter line, the goalie was allowed to retire with red and Feyenoord had to continue with ten men. Despite the extra man, PSV created few clear-cut chances. Khaled Razak went close with a header on a good cross from Renzo Tytens. It took until the 73rd minute before PSV finally managed to score. A free kick from Isaac landed far at the far post where Bram Rovers tapped the ball towards goal with an extreme effort and saw it roll over the goal line at the other post: 2-1. Those who thought PSV would now turn the game around were disappointed. It was Feyenoord that made it 3-1 in the 75th minute and decided the game.

    A defeat for PSV O15 that did not bring enough of what it had been able to bring in recent weeks. Without conviction and experience, every game is difficult, especially against Feyenoord. Next week the home game against Ajax awaits.

    Tijn Smolenaars; Reza El Meliani (36/Arthur Piedfort), Bram Rovers, Joëll Gill'ard (79/Tim van den Heuvel), Renzo Tytens; Tijn Vergeldt (36/Enzo Geerts, 69/Immanuel Hagemans), Tim van den Heuvel (60/ Khaled Razak), Isaac Babadi (c); Elvic Jager, Julian Kwaaitaal, Emir Bars (69/Tijn Vergeldt).

    Yellow cards: Elvic Jager and Bram Rovers