March 14, 00:00
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  1. Match report

    Ajax - PSV was on the program this weekend. Normally a topper. Now a "devalued" topper between 2 teams who (for now?) do not play a role in the champions' pool. PSV had 7 points from 6 games. Ajax also had 7, but from 4 games.

    Both teams lost last weekend. Ajax at Utrecht (4-1), PSV at VVV Venlo (1-0). PSV had to win this match to stay at the top.

    The initial phase was clearly for PSV. With a lot of depth in the game, they came through dangerously several times. Especially Yasin Aalillou was the boss of his direct opponent on the left side of the pitch. He was just unlucky that his crosses just did not reach a fellow player.

    Sekou Sidibe was also close to scoring the opening goal in the second minute, but his shot went straight at the Ajax goalkeeper.

    In the sixth minute a good attack over several drives by PSV followed. On the left, Evert Linthorst sent Bryan van Hove through. His good cross was headed just in front of Davy van den Berg's head by the tall central defender.

    A few minutes later, PSV set up a good attack down the right flank. This time it was the birthday boy Gregory Kuisch who made it to the back line and delivered a fine cross. Unfortunately, Yasin Aalillou could not put enough power behind his header, making his effort an easy prey for the Amsterdam goalkeeper.

    Ajax could do little against this in the early stages. It was clearly PSV that dictated without 'biting through'.

    After fifteen minutes of play, the game became more balanced. Ajax had more ball possession but could hardly create any real chances. When they did get dangerous, it was usually due to inattention in the build-up on the Eindhoven side. Fortunately goalkeeper Lucas Derks was able to save.

    But after half an hour Lucas was beaten. A free kick ended up at the 2nd post and was headed in with Lucas only able to turn the ball behind the goal line.

    Just before half time PSV did equalize. A very clever and quickly taken free kick on their own half by Joep Hakkens towards the deep Yasin Aalillou put the latter free in front of the outgoing Ajax goalkeeper. A fine moment to aim, but Yasin cut the ball back and decided to shoot with his left. Just in front of the goal line, Sekou Sidibe, who walked along, gave the decisive touch. The assistant referee tried to have the goal cancelled for offside, but the excellent referee ruled that it was a valid goal.

    A great moment to score from PSV's perspective.

    Immediately in the 2nd half, PSV had a chance to take the lead. After a beautiful through ball from Yasin Aalillou, the through-footed Evert Linthorst had all the time to do something right with the ball. He opted for a header that went narrowly wide.

    After this big chance, PSV dropped away. It came under pressure and had a lot of trouble getting out on the pitch. Ajax had by far the most ball possession. Without getting any big chances.

    It was therefore typical that an own goal by PSV in the 60th minute put Ajax ahead. A cross from PSV's left flank was unfortunately worked behind his own goalkeeper by Koen Oostenbrink.

    PSV tried to get a draw in the final minutes. And came very close in the very last minute. Tijn Daverveld gave a good long ball to Vince Colpaert. His shot into the short corner was cleverly turned away by the Ajax goalie at the cost of a corner.

    Thus, PSV lost for the 2nd time in a row. Considering the entire match, Ajax also deserved the victory the most. In 10 days, the Eindhoven team will already get the chance for revenge. Because on Tuesday, March 24, it will be PSV - Ajax again.

    If the players then really dare to throw off the shyness and play full of bravado and guts, then it is almost inevitable that the 3 points will stay in Eindhoven.

    Lucas Derks; Gregory Kuisch, Abou Kone, Tijn Daverveld, Bryan van Hove (63' Joey Verhoeven); Evert Linthorst, Koen Oostenbrink, Davy van den Berg (50' Vince Colpaert); Sekou Sidibe (c), Joep Hakkens (58' Arne Bens), Yasin Aalillou.