Feb. 14, 00:00
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  1. Penalties: 3 - 5

  2. Match report

    On this special day, PSV O15 entered the quarterfinal cup against Willem II. Why special? First of all, today was Valentine's Day. And the question was how "sweet" the two teams were with each other today. In addition, of course, it was Carnival. Would PSV be able to grab the Kruikenzeikers by the (fop) nose and be able to "unmask" and face them off?

    The statistics this season showed that it could go either way this match. In league play, both teams had met twice before. In the fall series, the Eindhoveners lost 0-1 at home (the only defeat so far this season in an official game). In January, PSV was clearly the stronger side when it won convincingly 3-0 at De Herdgang.

    Adding the fact that this was a quarterfinal cup game made the match a great affair.

    After the starting signal, Willem II took a slight lead. PSV did not get into its game or rhythm. Mainly because it got into too many duels and gave way there on the physical level.

    Still, PSV had the best opportunities in the first half. Especially through corners, it was threatening. However, it was unlucky that Koen Oostenbrink headed a corner by Evert Linthorst onto the crossbar in the 23rd minute. Willem II did not leave itself unimpressed either. Via fast changeovers it came through dangerously at times. But Lucas Derks kept his goal clean and was lucky when a shot went wide.

    After a messy first half both teams went to rest with a score of 0-0.

    In the second half, PSV was the better team. However, it did not have its sights set straight today. Yasin Aalillou did not have a lucky day. Twice he had the opportunity to take the lead after good preparatory work by Sekou Sidibe. But both times his shot was blocked.

    Just like in the first half, the guests got their chances. After a corner the ball was badly cleared. This gave a Willem II player the opportunity to shoot freely from the sixteen meters. His hard shot went just over.

    After an hour of play Sekou Sidibe had THE chance for the opening goal. Yasin sent substitute Arne Bens into the depth on the left. After a fine action he reached the back line and laid the ball ready for Sekou. But his shot went narrowly wide.

    Both teams did not want to let it come down to penalties. After Willem II threatened in the penultimate minute after a free kick, PSV also had a chance. But again they did not score.

    Penalties had to decide who would go through to the semifinals. A lottery as they often say. Willem II started the series and scored the first one. PSV also scored. The second round both teams also scored. Willem II also took advantage of its third. PSV's penalty was cleverly turned and went back into the field via inside post: miss. Both teams also scored their fourth penalty. Willem II had another go, and if the player would take it, Willem II was through. Keeper Kyan van Dorp had no chance on the shot, taking Willem II to an unbridgeable 3-5.

    The disappointment was great for the Eindhoveners. After two final places in the past two years, it now fell prematurely.

    One advantage: it can now fully focus on the competition......


    Lucas Derks (35' Kyan van Dorp); Gregory Kuisch, Abou Kone, Tijn Daverveld, Bryan van Hove (46' Joey Verhoeven); Evert Linthorst, Koen Oostenbrink (48' Vince Colpaert), Joop Daniels (61' Arne Bens); Sekou Sidibe (c), Sem van den Broek (35' Joep Hakkens), Yasin Aalillou.

    Yellow card: Joep Hakkens (rough play)