September 13, 00:00
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  1. Match report

    After last week's convincing victory against Excelsior (5-0), the "under 15" now faced another team from Rotterdam: Feyenoord.

    Always an emotional match. Always a match between two teams who are competing at the top. In other words: a cracker.

    The match was played on the main pitch at Varkenoord in good sunshine. Feyenoord had the most ball possession from the start. Without being dangerous. PSV did in the 11th minute when Davy van den Berg sent the speedy Yasin Aalillou away from the left. But unfortunately Yasin hit the runaway goalkeeper.

    After Feyenoord had a small chance (effort from long range was an easy target for goalkeeper Lucas Derks), it was PSV that scored the opening goal in the 28th minute. It took a penalty, which Yasin Aalillou shot impeccably into the net. The reason for the penalty was the hooking of Joep Hakkens inside the infamous lines after he received the ball from Yasin.

    Not much else happened in the 1st half. And also in the second half there was not much to see for goals.

    In the 44th minute, Sekou Sidibe was able to strike from far away with his left, but his shot lacked power. A minute later, goalkeeper Lucas Derks boxed away a high ball, then PSV came close to making it 0-2 in the 54th minute. A deliciously cut free kick by Sekou landed on the head of Tijn Daverveld, who saw his header go wide.

    Not much later, Sekou went on an adventure on the left. He passed some Feyenoord players and reached the back line. His effort/pass came back into the field via the post. But unfortunately the ball did not reach a teammate who was running along.

    In the 62nd minute, the Eindhoven side perhaps should have extended the score. As three PSV players on the halfway line put pressure on a Feyenoord player, the latter handed the ball to Yasin, who quickly converted and put Arne Bens, who had just stepped in, in front of the goalkeeper. Arne tried to score with his left, but the Rotterdam goalie barely managed to save the ball.

    Feyenoord threatened four minutes before the end, but Arne scored two minutes later. Once again Yasin was at the heart of this PSV attack by outrunning his opponent at speed, getting to the back line and neatly laying the ball back to Sem van den Broek. He was unlucky that twice his effort was cleared off the line. The second rebound ended up at the feet of Arne, who shot the ball into the net: 0-2! Game over.

    A good win today by PSV in a, football wise, moderate match. The Eindhoven team showed that they had a strong collective and the right mentality. With that, they rightly came out victorious today.

    Next weekend the regional derby against Willem II. A team that, like PSV, still has the full score of 6 points after two rounds.

    Lucas Derks; Joey Verhoeven, Tijn Daverveld, Koen Oostenbrink, Benjamin Kailie (c); Evert Linthorst, Joep Hakkens (50' Vince Colpaert), Davy van den Berg (25' Sem van den Broek); Sekou Sidibe (60' Arne Bens), Joop Daniels, Yasin Aalillou.