Oct. 11, 00:00
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  1. Match report

    The meeting with NEC was on the O15's schedule this weekend. With Willem II, NAC Breda, Feyenoord and PSV, a top four has formed that are somewhat "separate" from the rest. Evident for placement for the newly formed Eredivisie after the winter break.

    NEC is in 5th place on 3 points and is thus an opponent not to be underestimated. One should never underestimate an opponent.

    PSV started strongly and the first exploit was from the Eindhoven team. A shot by Davy van den Berg was turned into a corner, which Davy took himself. He put the ball on the head of Tijn Daverveld who headed wide.

    Then, for 10 minutes, most of the game played on the midfield. Most of the threat came from PSV. PSV posed most of the threat and deservedly took a 0-1 lead in the 12th minute. Joop Daniels took advantage of a mistake in the Nijmegen build-up, got to the back line and laid the ball ready for striker Sem van den Broek, who slid the ball subtly into the far corner.

    After fifteen minutes goalkeeper Kyan van Dorp had to intervene for the first time and he did this well. PSV's next attack led to the 0-2. It started with a good opening from Tijn to Joop. Sekou Sidibe was then played in and he cleverly played himself free but could only manage a corner. This was again taken by Davy but this time ended up on the head of Koen Oostenbrink. The NEC goalie parried Koen's effort but could not get a grip on the ball. Sem was quick to give the ball the final push in the melee of players: 0-2.

    A few minutes later the game was over. Vince Colpaert sent Sekou away on the right who found the goalkeeper on his way on the edge of the goal area. The ball remained free just outside the 16m whereupon Sekou thought he could take it. However, the goalkeeper dived on top of the ball. To his dismay the referee "rewarded" his action with a red card for hands. Since NEC's first goalkeeper had also suffered a red card earlier in the league, and was now suspended, a field goalkeeper was forced to put on the goalkeeper's gloves.

    NEC's new occasional goalkeeper was lucky that PSV did not try him immediately. The ball was passed around obligatorily and it was not until the 35th minute that the Eindhoven players really became dangerous again. It was an immediate hit though, as a smooth attack over several drives ended with Sekou, who easily scored the 0-3.

    After the break NEC continued to play courageously with 10 men. It continued to play with three men at the back and did not dig in. This gave them some small chances in the early stages of the second half. But Kyan was ready at the right moment to keep the score down.

    PSV played too sloppy to leave Nijmegen with a big score. It scored just one more goal. And it was perhaps symptomatic that that goal came from a free kick. Joep Hakkens was the goal scorer, scoring his first official goal for PSV.

    There was nothing more to note in the second half than a shot on the post by Abou Kone.

    An easy victory in which PSV's play was better when it was 11 against 11. You see that more often, however crazy that may sound.

    Kyan van Dorp; Benjamin Kailie, Tijn Daverveld, Koen Oostenbrink, Bryan van Hove (36' Joey Verhoeven); Evert Linthorst (c), Vince Colpaert, Davy van den Berg (48' Joep Hakkens); Sekou Sidibe (58' Arne Bens), Sem van den Broek (56' Abou Kone), Joop Daniels.