November 8, 00:00
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  1. Match report

    After the beautiful victory in the cup against VVV Venlo (0-8), the team of the birthday coach Edwin de Wijs had to travel to Limburg again today. And it will do so more often in the coming weeks, with away games against Fortuna Sittard and MVV still to come. But this weekend out to Kerkrade where Roda JC was the opponent.

    A team in the lower reaches of the league table. But because Kerkrade can always be haunted, we could not expect three points.

    The match started off very tame. Only in the 12th minute was anything meaningful to note. PSV received a free kick deep in the Roda half, which was defended and with which Roda immediately created danger in the transition. Fortunately goalkeeper Lucas Derks was in good shape as he saved the Limburg effort.

    PSV played sloppy but did take the lead after fifteen minutes of play. After a foul on striker Sem van den Broek, captain Davy van den Berg positioned himself behind the ball. With his velvet left he shot the ball in from about 20 meters: 0-1.

    Two minutes later it was almost equal again when a Roda player appeared dangerous in the sixteen. But again Lucas courageously threw himself on the ball.

    The match dragged on without much notable happening on the pitch. PSV had some shooting chances, but Joep Hakkens and Davy van den Berg did not have their sights on the ball or were unlucky that a Roda player touched it.

    After halftime Roda immediately had a great chance, but again Lucas was a stand in the way. PSV continued to look for space to extend their lead. And did just that in the 56th minute. Sem van den Broek tapped the ball away from the foot of a Roda defender, which ended up in the path of Joop Daniels. Joop kept the overview and poked Sem away who then slid the ball beautifully into the far corner. A typical striker's goal.

    The 0-2 worked somewhat liberating. PSV became calmer on the ball and did not have much to fear from Roda anymore. They were even able to extend their lead when Davy took a free kick on the right. He placed it nicely at the far post where the free Shurandy Sambo headed in the 0-3.

    In the closing stages the Eindhoven team had a few more opportunities to increase the lead. But that would have been too much today.

    Lucas Derks; Shurandy Sambo, Abou Kone, Dennis Vos; Jochem van Dijk; Evert Linthorst, Joep Hakkens, Davy van den Berg (c); Arne Bens (60' Gregory Kuisch), Sem van den Broek, Yasin Aalillou (41' Joop Daniels).