Sept. 7, 11:00 a.m.
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  1. Goal

    Elvic Jager
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  2. Goal

    Isaac Babadi
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  3. Goal

    Julian Kwaaitaal
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  4. Goal

    Emir Bars
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  5. Match report

    Big win for PSV O15

    After the big cup victory over DSO, PSV O15 was out in the field for their first league match. Opponent at PSV's own Campus De Herdgang was FC Utrecht, last season's champion.

    With an impressive minute of silence in memory of Cees van Merode, who passed away last week, a beautiful tribute was paid to the PSV member of merit. After this, the game kicked off for the first league match and the home team started strongly. In the 11th minute it took the lead through Bars, who worked in the rebound of Babadi's shot. Barely three minutes later, the latter doubled the score. With a delicious marker he put the defense and the goalkeeper to shame. The Utrechters could hardly create any danger and did not get further than a simple shot, which ended up in the hands of goalkeeper Bart Hamers. PSV continued and even made it 3-0 through Julian. After half an hour of play the tying goal for FC Utrecht came out of nowhere, but it was nullified before halftime by a goal from Elvic.

    After halftime, the game became a little more sloppy. Still, PSV created a good number of chances and opportunities. But it was just not in the final stages. Vincent Heilmann and Anthony Lurling's team managed to find the net only once more. Jason van Duiven put good pressure and picked the ball off a Utrecht defender on the halfway line. He ran towards goal with some opponents at his back but just couldn't finish. Eilvic was able to pick up the ball and make it 5-1.

    A fine and convincing victory and thus a good start to the league. Next weekend follows game two when the team visits Feyenoord in Rotterdam.

    Bart Hamers; Reda El Meliani (47/Brian van den Boogaard), Bram Rovers, Joëll Gill'ard, Renzo Tytens (70/Arthur Piedfort); Tijn Vergeldt (47/Jason van Duiven), Tim van den Heuvel (54/Enzo Geerts), Isaac Babadi (c); Elvic Jager (76/Immanuel Hagemans), Julian Kwaaitaal (64/Khaled Razak), Emir Bars.

    Yellow card: Joël Gill'ard