Sept. 7, 3 p.m.
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  1. Goal

    Jaivy Lourens
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  2. Goal

    Jamal Gonzaga
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  3. Match report

    Superboeren trump PSV

    PSV O16 deservedly lost the first league match of the season. Although the team scored two nice goals, it gave up as many as five.

    The match began with a minute's silence in memory of the late and beloved former PSV player Cees van Merode, who, among other things, had devoted himself unpaid as match secretary for the club for decades. PSV also played with mourning bands for that reason, and it seemed as if that had a paralyzing effect on the team. De Graafschap played with much more inspiration, showed a constant drive forward, and managed to find PSV's goal early on as well. As early as the 7th minute, PSV found themselves down 1-0, and 15 minutes later the margin was doubled with a typical goal. After a quick changeover, the strong striker picked up the ball near the halfway line and headed straight for the goal at speed, leaving several PSV players unimpeded and shooting the ball straight in. PSV also scored 3-0 before half time when a cross was headed in at the far post. PSV hardly created any chances in the first half and did not get much further than a shot against the post after a sharp counter.

    Despite a pep talk and three substitutions at halftime, PSV failed to get into the game in the second half either. De Graafschap remained better on all fronts and gave coach Stefan, who was in charge of the team two years ago, an afternoon he had imagined quite differently. A small plaster on the wound was that PSV did score the two most beautiful goals of the afternoon by far, which at least showed that the team had played far below par. Ten minutes after halftime, Tyron, sent deep, delivered the ball to Jaivy, who came in from the right and fired it in from just outside the box, 3-1. After De Graafschap made it 4-1 ten minutes later and decided the game for good, Jamal put all his frustration into a fantastic long-distance shot that smashed unstoppable into the right crossbar, 4-2. Just for statistics, De Graafschap made it 5-2 ten minutes before the end.

    A deserved defeat for the team of birthday coach Rick. PSV can fortunately rectify this weak performance as early as next Saturday when Fortuna Sittard visits PSV Campus de Herdgang at 12:30 pm.

    Niek Schiks; Seb Loeffen, Jesper Uneken (41/Julian Kuijpers), Milan Govaers, Koen Jansen; Matteo Dams (65/Chahid El Allachi), Jamal Ourhris, Tijmen Niekel (37/Sven Simons), Shi-jon Martina (41/Tyron Perret Gentil), Mido Hamelynck (41/Ruben van Bommel), Jaivy Lourens.

    Yellow card: Seb, Matteo