May 7, 00:00
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  1. Match report

    This match will be played at VVV Venlo.

    On the weekday evening, the o15 entered Venlo for their last league match in the newly established champions' pool. Partly due to as many as 6 draws in 13 games, the Eindhoven team was in 5th place. One higher than opponent VVV. However, should the Limburgers win by more than one goal, both teams would switch places in the league table.

    It was therefore important for PSV to give their all today and get back on the bus to Eindhoven unscathed.

    VVV was a tough opponent. One they lost to earlier in the league (1-0 in Venlo), and because due to circumstances PSV's home match was again played in the VVV stadium, it was an excellent opportunity for revenge.

    The first half was real "summer evening football." The game was messy from both sides. Nevertheless, both teams got chances. The biggest was for Yasin Aalillou who was set free by Tijn Daverveld in the 14th minute and was sent alone towards the VVV goal. Unfortunately his effort went wide at the wrong side of the post.

    Goalkeeper Lucas Derks was the best man on the team in the first half. And that says it all....

    In the second half, PSV was the only team on the clock. And so it should be in this "home game". Unfortunately, PSV lacked real sharpness. They had no less than 12 chances in the 2nd half. But Yasin Aalillou, Sekou Sidibe, Mohamed Ihattaren and Davy van den Berg did not manage to pass the VVV goalkeeper. Partly due to fine goalkeeping, but also due to the lack of real sharpness which meant that often the ball was kicked straight at the goalkeeper.

    The only one to score was Mohamed Ihattaren, who was the first to react when the Limburg goalie let go of a shot by Sekou Sidibe. Unfortunately, the goal was cancelled for alleged offside.

    Thus it remained a scoreless game of summer evening football. Which left the team tied for 7th. And thus ended up in 5th place.

    Lucas Derks; Gregory Kuisch (39' Mees Kreekels), Tijn Daverveld, Vince Colpaert, Joey Verhoeven (45' Amin Doudah); Joep Hakkens, Davy van den Berg (c), Arne Bens (39' Evert Linthorst); Sekou Sidibe, Yasin Aalilou (59' Bryan van Hove), Mohamed Ihattaren.

    Yellow: Gregory Kuisch (rough play)