Feb. 7, 00:00
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  1. Match report

    After the disappointing draw against Feyenoord last weekend (2-2 in injury time), the o15 played Utrecht today. In doing so, the team of trainers Edwin de Wijs and Eric Addo faced the co-leader in the newly formed Eredivisie.

    Not that that fact meant anything. After all, these are two teams that have already played 2 games, while the bulk of them are only on 1 game. But still. Nos. 1 and 2 in a straight duel for the (provisional?) solo lead.

    Utrecht had managed to find the net often in the two previous games. No less than 9 times the goalie of the opponent could "fish". On the other hand, the Utrecht goalie had also gained ample experience in taking the ball out of the goal. Hopefully he could also perform this activity with regularity today.....

    Fc Utrecht started brightly and trapped PSV early on. They won most of the duels and therefore PSV had little opportunity to play football. Still, the first opportunity was for the Eindhoven players. A deep pass from Evert Linthorst fell nicely between the last man and the Utrecht goalkeeper. This almost allowed Joop Daniels to take advantage of the confusion between the two.

    After fifteen minutes of play, PSV took over the initiative. However, it did not manage to create any chances. Neither did Fc Utrecht, resulting in a typical 0-0 match. One time Utrecht could almost profit from a sloppiness at the back, but Abou could prevent the danger by holding his opponent. Luckily he only got yellow, where red would certainly have been an option as the player could otherwise have gone straight at goalkeeper Kyan.

    Just before halftime Utrecht suddenly scored the 1-0. Out of nowhere the ball suddenly came at the feet of the striker who slid the ball into the far corner. In the last, PSV had a nice opportunity when Yasin Aalillou was tapped on the edge of the sixteen. However, Davy van den Berg's free kick went over the goal.

    After halftime, Utrecht had two small chances in the early stages. However, it was PSV that equalized in the 48th minute. Tijn Daverveld steamed up from behind, played the ball to striker Sem van den Broek on the edge of the 16. Tijn then finished off the ball skilfully. For a moment we waited to see if the goal would count, because the assistant had raised his flag. The referee visited his assistant and listened to his story. Then clearly pointed to the center spot. A justified decision, as there was at least one more defender behind Tijn.

    After Utrecht missed an open header chance, PSV was close to scoring the 1-2 in the 57th minute. An effort by Davy was cleared off the line and the ball ended up back in the box via bottom crossbar where Joop tried to get the ball over the line. Through old-fashioned pinball, however, the ball ended up out of the goal mouth, and Davy's rebound also failed to find a goal.

    With five minutes to play, it was PSV again that came close to taking the lead. A shot by Evert was released by the goalkeeper. Unfortunately, he was able to recover quickly before Sem got to the ball.

    In the final minute, PSV were floundering when suddenly a midfielder appeared free in front of goalkeeper Kyan van Dorp. With a reflex, Kyan prevented a goal so the game ended 1-1.

    Both teams gained little in the standings. Given the game's play a draw was justified.

    Next Saturday the o15 plays the quarterfinal cup game against Willem II.

    Kyan van Dorp; Gregory Kuisch (45' Joey Verhoeven), Abou Kone, Tijn Daverveld, Bryan van Hove;
    Evert Linthorst, Vince Colpaert (43' Sem van den Broek), Davy van den Berg; Arne Bens, Yasin Aalillou, Joop Daniels.

    Yellow cards: Abou Kone (holding player) and Arne Bens (rough play).