December 2, 00:00
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  1. Match report

    Due to sad family circumstances within the family of a PSV player, the game against Fortuna Sittard was postponed to Tuesday night. Unlike the match of the flag team against Feyenoord, this game could go ahead....

    PSV's O15 were now certain of participating in the Eredivisie at the end of this competition. With a win tonight, it would approach leader Willem II to within one point. And with one round to play next Saturday, it could theoretically even finish in first place.

    However, the first thing they had to do tonight was deal with Fortuna. A team in the basement of the standings. The circumstances were different than in recent weeks. And I'm not just talking about the fact that it was already dark at the start of the game. No, the wind chill had dropped to well below freezing. In addition, it suddenly began to snow. Weird though: you're not allowed to talk about "black" Pete at this time of year, but you can (still?) talk about "white" Christmas.....

    After an impressive minute of silence, PSV started well on a poor and slippery pitch. After Sekou Sidibe shot over, the goalkeeper was allowed to take a goal kick. Half slipping, he delivered the ball back to Sekou, who lashed out and this time scored a brilliant goal. In the 5th minute the score was already 0-1.

    After missing some chances, striker Sem van den Broek made it 0-2 in the 20th minute. Koen Oostenbrink came through well on the left, reached the back line and crossed. Via the tangle, the ball suddenly came at the feet of Sem, who scored easily.

    Just two minutes later PSV got a penalty. Joep Hakkens was fouled in the penalty area and the referee had no choice but to point to the spot. Abou Kone simply slid the ball into the corner to make it 0-3.

    Even before the halftime signal it became 0-4. After a good build-up, Sekou Sidibe got the ball. Sekou Sidibe got the ball and passed it at the right moment to Joep Hakkens, who put his left foot against the ball and hit the inside of the post.

    In the 28th minute Fortuna finally came close to Lucas Derks' goal. It was so threatening that Bryan van Hove had to make a save on the goal line. In the counter attack Joop Daniels was close to the 5th Eindhoven goal, but here the Fortuna goalkeeper could save.

    After warming up at halftime, PSV started well in the second half. In the 38th minute, after the goalie half-turned away a shot by Vince Colpaert, Sem was the first to slide the ball in (good thing the ban on poultry transport was lifted due to bird flu): 0-5.

    Less than 5 minutes later, PSV got another penalty. A long pass from Abou Kone to the deep Joop Daniels arrived fine to Joop but he was torpedoed by the Limburg goalkeeper. This time Yasin Aalillou got behind the ball, and he too had little trouble converting the penalty into a goal: 0-6.

    Apparently the referee had a taste for it, because in the 52nd minute he awarded PSV another penalty. This time after hands in the penalty area. Given the time of year, one is tempted to say that the referee looked like Santa Claus, but everyone agreed that all penalties were justified. As with the first penalty, it was Abou who went to take the pingel. This time he slid the ball into the other corner and made it 0-7.

    With almost 20 minutes left to play, double digits hung in the cold air. But partly due to sloppy play, or selfishness, the difference in quality was not further expressed in goals.

    PSV was forced to play the final minutes with 10 men. Because the substitutes were exhausted and Joep could not continue due to an injury, Fortuna got an overtime. A Sunday shot even allowed them to score. And how: a distance shot got a very strange curve and plopped into the left cross: 1-7. Only PSV's third goal in the league! And it is true that Lucas made a wonderful save in the last minute, otherwise it would have been 4 now.

    Great victory under difficult circumstances. Next Saturday the last league game against MVV.

    Lucas Derks; Joey Verhoeven (45' Gregory Kuisch), Abou Kone, Tijn Daverveld (35' Vince Colpaert), Bryan van Hove; Koen Oostenbrink, Joep Hakkens, Davy van den Berg (45' Arne Bens); Sekou Sidibe (35' Yasin Aalillou), Sem van den Broek, Joop Daniels.

    Yellow card: Koen Oostenbrink (rough play)