November 1, 00:00
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  1. Match report

    Today PSV's O15 entered the cup against an old acquaintance: VVV Venlo. The team it faced very recently in the league. And where PSV with much difficulty and ditto effort kept the three points in Eindhoven (2-1).

    So now for the cup and, as they say in Belgium, "on the move". Location of this encounter: Stadion De Koel.

    For VVV, it was essential to win this match in order to qualify for further cup football. They lost the first match against Heerenveen with 5-3. Whereas PSV beat the other participant, Volendam, in Eindhoven (3-1).

    PSV started the match very strongly. Already after 25 seconds, Joop Daniels got free in front of the goalkeeper after a deep pass from Abou Kone. However, it was a stay of execution. Because in the third minute the goal was scored. An interception by former VVV player Evert Linthorst in the Venlo half gave PSV possession of the ball again. Yasin Aalillou got possession of the ball on the left side of the pitch and sent in a fine cross that Joep Hakkens shot in: 0-1.

    The quick lead gave PSV wings. Literally and figuratively. The Eindhoven team regularly got through on the wings. Right back Tijn Daverveld steamed up the flank like a TGV transformed into meat. It was a pity that this was not properly exploited.

    The level PSV reached this afternoon was high. Just like the temperature....and that in De Koel stadium. Fully in line with the game, PSV extended their lead. After leaving some chances and opportunities unused, they scored again in the 17th minute. Evert sent Sekou Sidibe away on the right and he cleverly scored the 0-2.

    PSV continued to play well and kept creating chances. The 0-2 score did not do justice to the situation on the pitch. They still made it 0-3 before halftime when Davy van den Berg sent Joop Daniels into the depths. Joop scored in a very controlled manner by sliding the ball through the legs of the goalkeeper.

    Because VVV came through dangerously on two occasions but twice the ball was taken out of the goal mouth (first Benji Kailie and then Abou Kone), and PSV was sloppy in their finishing, the visitors climbed the well-known stairs of the stadium with a score of 0-3.

    In the second half, PSV continued to put fine football on the mat. But where it failed to deal effectively with the chances before halftime, the team did well after halftime.

    So as not to make the report too long, the goals follow in brief. In the 40th minute, Sekou scored after an assist from Yasin. Soon after, Sekou brought the score to 0-5 after a fine assist from Benji Kailie.

    Koen Oostenbrink cleverly scored the 0-6 in the 61st minute after a pirouette in the 16 meters. He received the ball after a fine cross from Bryan van Hove.

    The 0-7 came on the board through Arne Bens who received the ball from the unselfish Sekou. And the final chord was again for Sekou himself. A particularly nice cross from Vince Colpaert was the basis for this, after which Sekou threw out a few scissors in the penalty area and shot the ball hard into the far corner: 0-8.

    A result that I suspect nobody had pouted beforehand. A result that also expressed the difference in strength only meagerly, because double digits was really a possibility today.

    Placement for the knock-out phase of the cup tournament is now almost certain with 6 out of 2 and a goal difference of 11-1.

    Besides the game, the many goals and the beautiful weather, there was another highlight. After weeks of absence due to a shoulder injury, Gregory Kuisch made his return to the field. Top Gregory that you are fully part of the group again!

    Lucas Derks; Tijn Daverveld, Koen Oostenbrink, Abou Kone, Benji Kailie (62' Gregory Kuisch); Evert Linthorst (c), Davy van den Berg (45' Sem van de Broek), Joep Hakkens (50' Vince Colpaert), Sekou Sidibe, Yasin Aalillou (50' Arne Bens), Joop Daniels (45' Bryan van Hove).